bonus easter post

I forgot to post about a couple of things, but better late than never.

Easter day in Isabelle’s kindergarten class. Kindergarten is pretty great… I get to work in the class on Tuesdays and I bring Lincoln with me. All of the kids know him and talk to him and it makes him think that he’s kind of a big deal. Isabelle’s teacher Mrs. Kikut always includes Linc and makes sure she has enough supplies for him to do whatever project they are working on. I’m gonna miss kindergarten, it’s just super fun and the kids are so curious and cute and I have a feeling not all the kids are going to stay so cute. 
We had a little Easter egg hunt down by the playground and hid a couple hundred eggs for the kids. “Hid” is relative because it was basically a patch of grass. The hunt was over quickly but the kids didn’t care. Eggs = chocolate.

this is a classic me face.

I picked up the cousins on this particular day too and they are SO CUTE walking out of school together. Holding hands and stuff. 

We also colored eggs at home…basically in our birthday suits and aprons from Aunt Mo. 

Okay Easter was like a month ago. Moving on…

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