cousins friends forever

We spent all last week with Morgan and her kids Margo and Archer while they were in town visiting. Lincoln and Margo are BFFFFFFFs. He talks about her all the time and they have to Facetime regularly. They are only a few months apart and they play like no one else in the world exists. They hold hands and share toys and take turns and it makes me SO HAPPY. 
We spent like seven days with them, swimming and eating food on the patio, staying up late watching shows together… it felt like summer. I let Isabelle skip school one day and it blew her mind! What, Mom! We can do this sometimes??? Uh no not really except yes.
I hate that my sisters live far away. Three hours or less, I think that is an acceptable standard. Sabrina is here visiting this week and we are having just as much fun! Both of them live in Arizona though we are trying to convince them to migrate west. The summers are hot but we are worth it.

little muscle legs
Guys the tiny swim suit, the goggles, the stripes. The haircut. Age four is just the best, he is so fun! Those tantrums are becoming fewer and farther between (finalllllly) and he is just such a good kid. He says “Sanks mom” and “Wuv you to da moon and back.” 

pool was like 60 degrees.
morgans ipad was “way more fun”
ballet day

We took turns cooking big family dinners- it really is beneficial to have a chef in the family. Food was WAY better than going out to a restaurant and it is so much easier to manage kids with the amazing backyard at my parents’ house. I’m telling ya, I get the benefit of sister wives. Minus the sharing the husband part, it’s really not a bad idea. Communal living for everyone! Better yet, we should just all live on the same street. The weather was so nice, a few days it was warm enough to swim… the other days the kids scootered and biked around and swam in the hot tub.

we bought Margo this shirt that says “Mimi said I could”
(the kids call me Mimi.) 
archer! The happiest kid. Just loved Bitzer and tried over and over to kiss him on his mouth.

On Saturday we took all the girls to the Mary Poppins production at the Cascade Theater. Of course they wore hats, they were so cute. I’m missing the picture of all four of them- Morgan send that to me please.

On Friday we let them have a “sleepover” where they fell asleep upstairs together while the grown ups played Heads Up downstairs until we were too tired and then we took them home and slept in our own beds. Win/Win.

I remember how happy my childhood was. We didn’t have cousins close, just a lot of siblings and friends and there were always kids around to play with. We swam and my mom made tuna fish sandwiches and crystal light and we would eat long enough to dry off and then be back swimming again. We rode bikes and played horse and invented ridiculous games to see who had to go get the otter pops from the freezer.

I watch these adorable little cousins run around together in swimsuits and goggles and helmets and I’m so happy they have each other. My parents’ yard must seem huge to them, so many things to do and so much space to be free and use their little imaginations. I know they won’t be so carefree forever- I worry about school bullies and their confidence and our little girls having self esteem issues. I worry about them making good solid friends, being leaders, including others. I know every parent worries about their kids like we do, and having these built in cousin friends just makes me so happy.

When Margo got home, she laid on her bed and cried to go back to “Grandma Cindys.” I think we all feel that way… come back soon Margs.

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