Max’s Birthday

We celebrated Max’s second birthday on Sunday, April 24th. It was low-key… we just did a little cupcake celebration at the cemetery with our family, and we also took a couple dozen cupcakes into the L and D unit at the hospital. 

self timer for the win
Morgan was so kind and did the baking for me which was SO HELPFUL. She’s legit pastry chef and they tasted soooooo good. All the kids gathered ’round and sang Happy Birthday- I think it’s the only time I cried that day. Just sad, little voices are so sweet…they were so happy to be together and to run around at Max’s park.
Sadly, someone has damaged our beautiful bench. Taken a chisel of some sort and hacked off several chunks of granite off the back and one portion of the front. I don’t know who would do something like that. It HURT. It hurt me. We have so few things for Max and this was the one tangible thing I felt was for him, and in his honor, and now it’s damaged. Because it’s one piece of granite from one specific quarry, it can not be repaired. I tried not to let that ruin our little party but it was really sting-ey.
The most emotional part of the day was taking cupcakes up to the hospital. No matter how many times I go back, I just can barely keep it together when we walk through those doors. The nurses are SO kind, and they remembered us…they came out to hug us and talk about Max for a few minutes. Several of the nurses there were our nurses two years ago and it was really good to see them. We told them our baby news and everyone was so excited for us. Hope to see them all again in September!
We had so many friends and family call or text us, bring flowers and cards- just to know he isn’t forgotten, it means the world to us. Two years have gone so quickly but at the same time HOW has it been two years since I held that little baby of mine? 

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