we’re official.

tiny moccasins 
Well we made it official on social media this week. We told the kids finally! It was so fun for us. They are so excited. They are really old enough to get whats happening, and Linc keeps telling everyone we run into that there is a baby in mom’s tummy. After we told Izzie she said, “oh YES that means we get a sleepover at Grandmas!!!” Yes kid, that’s why we are doing this. So you can have a sleepover.
I’m almost 17 weeks and everything is still looking really great. Sometimes I can’t believe we are here and have made it this far after so many set backs! I finally caved and got out my maternity clothes. Mostly pants, my regular pants were just not comfortable anymore and weren’t really helping my shape at all. 
I stopped at the office this week where we store all of our extra junk-  I wanted to grab a onesie or a hat or something so I could take a cute little picture for our announcement. I opened the buckets that were packed up after Max’s death…my mom came over while I was still at the hospital and packed up the shelves in my room that were all prepared for a tiny baby. Bins of onesies, jammies, socks, hats, blankies and burp cloths. Those little bins were stacked and placed into a big rubbermaid. I sorted through a few things and felt a little overwhelmed, all of those things had been washed and organized… we were so ready for Max to come home with us. 
I really thought this baby would be a girl. The last two that we lost were girls, and for some reason I felt like we had another girl coming. I was shocked when the blood test at 11 weeks revealed I was carrying a boy! And looking over all of the things set aside for Max, I can’t even imagine the next baby NOT being a boy. It will be so helpful to me and my heart to be able to use those things that were lovingly prepared for Max on our new little baby. And a brother! For my kids! Oh I can’t wait.
Next month I will go down to UC Davis to have the anatomy scan and a detailed fetal echo of the baby’s heart. This is just a precaution, we have no reason to believe anything is wrong, but want to double check everything because of our history with Max. 
We have received so many nice calls and texts and comments about our news. So many people have been praying for us and our family, putting our names in the temple, checking in on us- and it helps SO much. We have this whole community rooting for us, I have so much hope that this will all go well and we will bring this baby home with us in September!

2 thoughts on “we’re official.

  1. Praise our Heavenly Father! Hallelujah! Congratulations!Kim Bradley Finch, Chattahoochee, FL


  2. Oh congratulations. We are here in Provo cheering you on. Love you.


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