easter festivities

I love Easter weekend. It’s always a good time, having kids makes holidays just really super fun. Saturday we had a big egg hunt at my parents’ house with some of our cousins and little buddies. They hide a couple hundred eggs and then golden eggs for the grown ups. I half watch the kids find treats but also like MUST FIND THE EGG. Sorensen team, three years running.
going over hunt rules. 

love his face. and his freckles.

examining their bounty

stink eye

After the hunt, the kids just played outside in the glorious weather with their hoards of chocolate and we sat on the porch and chit chatted. We brought Bitzer over and though it doesn’t look like it here, Baylor thought that dog was pretty great.

Mom made a bunch of PB and H sandwiches for the kids and had meat and cheese and yummy rolls for the grown ups. I’ve learned so much from her about life in general but also about hostessing a group of people. She always has things on hand and bring out “just in case.” She opens her home to us and our friends and never complains about the mess or the hassle of it all. She really does enjoy it and she has this special thing with little children- they just gravitate to her. And she scooters with them.

this kid. british swim trunks, goggles, soggy water wings, helmet. WINNING.
Linc and Luke! Our friends from Hawaii
Sunday morning was a bit of a rush to accomplish Easter Baskets and also get to church by 9 am. Every year I overbuy chocolate and jellybeans and stuff and then SWEAR that next year I will buy less stuff. I guess it’s better to be prepared? Dollar section at Target, you are excellent.

Realllllly excited about twix eggs.
My little loves, Easter morning. 

Easter was actually a little bit more emotional than I had expected. Time goes by and sometimes I forget how fresh and painful grief can be. Our lesson at church was all about the Atonement. It’s just such a special gift and hits so close to home for me. I sat in the front and UGLY CRIED through the whole thing, like people were handing me tissues. Awkward. I never can predict when that is going to surface and I’m going to need some support from my group. People are are kind and sensitive and concerned, and that is always helpful.

I think about Max a lot. Even though it is really painful sometimes I just need to re-live that day with him, just to feel him again. And it’s hard and it hurts but it also reminds me that I’m his mother, and that he was real, he IS real, and he is ours.

There is this talk by Elder Wirthlin that is circulating again thanks to a mormon message. I need to read and re read it, it’s so wonderful.

“But I testify to you in the name of the One who conquered death—Sunday will come. In the darkness of our sorrow, Sunday will come. No matter our desperation, no matter our grief, in this life or the next, Sunday will come.” -Elder Wirthlin

I am so looking forward to that Sunday when my family will be all together again. 

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