the bump and me do the symphony

Did you see that I made that rhyme. clever. actually the sentence structure is horrible and I should delete it immediately, but I probably won’t.

Last weekend I played with the Shasta Symphony Orchestra in their spring program. Guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this sort of thing. Years, really. I mean, I play the harp all the time but I haven’t played a solid orchestra part in a long time. It’s different than being a soloist- like I can’t interpret the music like I want to, I’m just along for the ride and have to really pay attention to my part. It’s good for my brain though.

I’ve never played with this group before- we started meeting like six weeks ago on a weekly basis to learn the music. It’s really weird being new player. No one knows anything about me! No one knows about Max or that I’m a mother or that I’m pregnant…. it’s like this blank slate. It doesn’t happen that much anymore since I’m 31 and not in school and kind of live in this same space every day. Intimidating. People were super nice though and starting chatting with me and by the time we finished on Sunday I felt less like an outsider and more like a regular musician.

(Also, I have this secret wish for people to guess how old I am and to be wrong. I don’t know what that’s about, like I want to be eternally like 26? Or something? A violinist asked if I was attending the local college and I was THRILLED to tell her my real age and that college was a decade ago for me. Yessss.)

ANWYAY. tangent. Our two performances were Sat/Sun. It felt really good to do something for myself, something to remind me that I’m a real human being. And I have talents other than folding laundry and shuttle driving the mini-van across town all the time.

rehearsal. I don’t play in this one so I’m reading a book in the audience like a dork.
18 weeks
Jazz brought Isabelle to our matinee performance and it was so cute to see her little face in the audience! It’s all over now, and I return today to the land of laundry and groceries and I’m good with that. I was really happy to have a challenge, and to have a goal to work towards. Also, it’s been a great distraction through these nervous months of my pregnancy. I had a really good time and hope they need a harpist again in the future… I’m in. 

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