phone dump

I have an iphone, but also have windows PC and it is really sucky to get my photos from my phone to my laptop to save them slash put them on my blog. My phone is 64 gigs so I have currently ten thousand pictures on my phone. If I hook it up to my laptop via USB cord, it takes about FOREVER to sync them all before I select the ones I want. So I have to EMAIL myself the pictures because it is so much faster. There has to be a better way! I know you are going to suggest that I get a Mac and guys that’s just not happening. 
Anyway. I emailed myself a bunch of pictures like it was 2005 so I could write about what we have been up to lately. Up until last week we had gorgeous weather in California. Sunny, but not hot (all you need is a light jacket!). 
Linc and I get a lot of time together one on one. Izzie goes to school everyday, and he only has preschool twice a week for a few hours. Take naps out of the equation and there are quite a few hours to fill. I’m really enjoying this time though, for the most part. I know many moms don’t get this chance to have just ONE kid all to themselves. As soon as Izzie leaves for school, he says “Mom come pay wif me.” We play for awhile, then eat breakfast. Then he wants to play some more. We put the laundry in, and play peoples, empty the dishwasher, then race all of his cars down the track. I have this major mom guilt that I don’t spend enough time with him (and Izzie too) because I have to maintain the house and cook and get groceries and run errands etc. If I could have a super power it might be to wake up hair and makeup done perfectly ready for the day, it would save me so much time. Actually my super power would always be to have a super fast metabolism, but this would be my SECOND super power. 
Remember the olden days when people just sent their kids outside all day? Or made them work? Like they had to grind their flour and churn butter from cream and yeah they probably didn’t have a lot of extra time to sit and color with each kid for hours. Why do we feel so much pressure to do everything! I constantly have to remind myself like hey, you are doing fine, chill out. Mom guilt.
I think he has outgrown this swing? Possibly?
Friday adventure group with his buddies.
Linc and Bennett, and our favorite park. Look at that SKY!

Bitzer is getting bigger. He is REAL CUTE. 

He LOVES the fireplace. It’s like he is sedated and drunk. Just flops around.
The only way to go. (Also I can’t keep holes from his knees. help.)
And Izzie, always my sweetiepie. She knew Dr. Suess day was coming up so she made a hat, whiskers, and a bow during “quiet time.”

Doing “Experiments.” I want to crop and frame Lincoln’s chubby toddler hand. My fav.
Poor Isabelle had a terrible ingrown toe nail for weeks. It got worse and worse and finally we had to do something. Grandpa brought home the big meds and had to block her toe to cut it out. She was SO BRAVE and it hurt, I know it hurts because I have been there. She got to play on my phone after and the kids were all entertained. Cousins. 
And my friends came to visit! Leigh and Mex came a couple weeks ago for the weekend. We read people magazine and sat on my couch and ate cheeseball and went out to noodles. Just like all my favorite things. AND they brought a freaking pinata for my kids. Pro status. 

kindergarten pick up time
family day at clover creek
board games with Linc. He likes to cheat.
Izzie made this for her door- “No dogs allowed, only humans. Girls and boys welcome to the club”

I love our days together, doing chores and taking play breaks. Eating lunch together then going to get Izzie from school. Homework, violin, some sort of dinner, baths and bed. Repeat. That’s not to say I don’t want to pull my hair out from time to time, or a lot. Linc still throws some olympic tantrums, and Isabelle gets really tired from all of her activities. And I am tired! By the way! That first trimester can’t-keep-my-eyelids-open sort of tired, at like 11:45 am. Yikes. This too shall pass, and I know I will never regret the time I sit and play sneaky squirrel with Linc or pull out the American girls with Izzie. Mom guilt is real, I think it comes with the territory- am I right? Still think this is a pretty sweet job I landed…

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  1. Mom guilt is real but you have NO reason to feel guilty! You are an amazing mom. And as for the holes in the knees….Aidan always had them until about the 3rd grade. Just a boy thing. You can put patches on the inside of the pants when you buy them, helps a little.


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