Bitzer Socks Sorensen

We are officially a dog family. After our Disney trip, we took a quick after school drive to Vacaville to pick up our puppy. WE HAVE A DOG. It’s been two weeks, and I think it’s going pretty well? I’m Ron Burgundy?

Isabelle came up with the name Bizter one day after one of her “rest times.” The kids love to watch the BBC claymation series Shaun the Sheep- I think Grandpa got us hooked on it. Anyway, the sheep dog in the show is named Bitzer. He takes care of all the naughty sheep and keeps the farm in working order. It was perfect. Socks comes from his white paws- a nickname the breeder gave him and it stuck. Bitzer Socks.

The first few nights (more like a week) we a little rough. He wasn’t used to being away from his puppy siblings, he wasn’t used to sleeping in his crate. And he cried. We shut the door and ignored it as best we could but someone felt sorry for him and went and laid by his crate several times. I won’t name names but it wasn’t me. #softie. We are crate training him though and he is in his crate at night and when we are gone. One time I was house sitting for my Aunt and Uncle Chip in Orem- they had a boston terrier? Is that right? Anyway I left him out while we went to church and when I came back he had literally eaten the couch. Like torn CHUNKS out of the back of it and fluff ALL OVER. I see the benefit of a crate, and he’s already starting to make it a home base sort of.

A couple weeks in and he is really adjusting to our family. I am getting used to keeping track of him and making sure there is nothing chewable on the floor. Because he LOVES to chew. And he bites a little bit, mostly Lincoln’s arms. I don’t blame him though because Lincoln is delicious.

All loaded up

welcome home little puppy! 

So we bought this little pop up dog run, we call it The Octagon, We stick him in there to make sure he goes potty or when we need to do something at home and we don’t want him eating anything… So we figured it was pretty safe. He’s small, ten pounds, not very tall… we put an extra bed in there, water and some toys. We were feeling pretty good about our little arrangement and left him in there while we ran to get a thursday burrito. And when we got home, he was OUT. Sneaky little dog! He bit the side and pulled it in and then JUMPED over the edge? I think? Jazz attached it to a board so it can’t do it anymore but once again dogs can not be trusted.

lots of this.
Linc asked, “Mom what happens if he lays an egg?” I love age four.

His first time outside. And his curly tail!

such a good puppy.

he hates wearing his collar.

My crazy children jumped in the 58 degree pool and swam around yesterday. It is February.
So at this point, two weeks in, we are loving him. The kids LOVE HIM. They are really good to keep their bedroom doors shut and they want to feed him and give him toys. They fight over who gets to sit in the big chair with a blankie on their lap for him to sleep on. We are working on the potty training, lately he is nearly 100 percent with liquid but could care less about solids. We will get there. He’s smart and he is learning quickly. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love him. He is soft and cuddly and he loves to sit on my lap. I love that he doesn’t bark. It is really fun to have a project, something new in our house to be happy about. 

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