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We were waiting outside Dland before it opened for the day and the kids were just playing with each other all cute and then I DIED. Little chubby toddler hands!

tea cups, like a boss.

 Isabelle was tall and brave enough this trip to try some new rides! She did thunder mountain and it was her NEW FAV. I think she rode it four or five times. She also did Haunted Mansion, and probably would have done splash if it wasn’t so cold. Goofy’s flight school was another new favorite, she seriously didn’t stop giggling the entire time. She also did Indiana too but wasn’t too thrilled with it. She doesn’t know the story so it was a lot of jerking around and weird dark dusty things. Always new things every time we go!

little buddies waiting for our fantasy faire show

the gang! city select for the win!

All Isabelle wanted in the whole world was cotton candy. I mean, when in Rome, right? (Poor Izzie barely fits in the stroller, I bet she walked on her little legs 90% of the time, even to and from the park, she only hopped in when she got really tired. It’s weird that we are approaching the no-stroller phase!)

Probably four of the days we brought in our own lunch. Morgan packed a ton of sliced turkey and cheese, we made sandwiches and ate it with pretzels too. Mom brought homemade bread and made PB and J’s too- never a shortage of food. Applesauce pouches, fruit cups, easy things to bring. This is what it looked like when we ate lunch with all the kids. NUGGETS FOR DAYS. TIP: Bring your own water bottle to fill up. We are partial to the metal contigos for the kids and the hydro flask for me- stuff stays cold so much longer. Almost anywhere throughout the park will give free water and ice- they have fill up stations all over too. We just bought adult meals and split them between the kids, saves $$ in the long run. 

Back to CA Advent! Early to the park- ran to Racers to get fast passes and then did Mater a whole bunch until the line filled up. 

More Bear Country. We walked past Doug and Quinn yelled NOO I NEED TO SEE THE DOGGIE! 

Oh Margo I love you.

she is so fun. guys shes really growing up.
Closing out the day on the merry-go-round until the ride literally shut down. 

So initially we were scheduled to drive home on Friday. Thursday came and we were all really sad! We really hate to leave, especially when we are having SO much fun, the weather was perfect, the park wasn’t too busy… and Grandpa came through with the best text ever: “Hotel is booked. Have fun. I love to be Santa!” He is THE BEST. So we got a lucky hot dog day. (Always pack an extra outfit or two) Our last day was spent mostly at Disney… We don’t always get to visit Tink in Pixie Hollow because the line is LONG and it moves SLOW but we went there almost immediately and only waited a few minutes. This particular Tink was extra good- the girls had really good questions about pixie dust and Terrence and the fireworks and she had smart answers for them. It must be exhausting to be in character like that for long periods of time.

Then we swung over to the princesses and met Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White. This girl was MADE to be snow white her voice was just like the movie. 

these two…
and THIS FACE. holy cow.

quick churro break.

and an afternoon monorail ride

We popped over to CA Adventure to see a friend of ours who drives the Trolley, which was really fun! Did a few things over there and then went back to disney for our last lighted parade. I think Isabelle seriously fell asleep half way through the parade- like straight up sitting there. Linc was awake but just barely- and after the parade we walked home with our sleeping children while the fireworks went off behind us. MAGIC.

Even after a long week in the park, it was hard to leave. We were all really tired, our feet were killing us, headaches and toddler asthma and baby sleep schedules- keeping up with all the little kids- exhausting really. But SO WORTH IT. We drove home the next day, I think I almost cried when I crawled into my own soft bed after a hot shower and clean fresh clothes. 
With out fail, Lincoln has a meltdown on the way home over something so trivial and stupid. Exhibit A- He wants me to drive the car AND ALSO COLOR FOR HIM. Like he is too tired to use his finger to click the colors on the screen and point them onto the pretend airplane. Yikes guys.
My best TIP for Disneyland is go with people you love. Go with people are equally as giddy as you are walking down main street early in the morning, music playing and the whole day before you. We go with big groups, with small groups, we’ve gone just our little family of four too. Every time is equally as fun. Take time to meet the characters, to walk through the castle, to save a good spot for the parade so the kids can see. Pick a souvenir, wear the cheesy t-shirts, pack comfy shoes. It’s all about enjoying yourself and your family and the magic of the park…. It just doesn’t get old. Until next time, Disney!

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