aaaaand back to disneyland

Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and by the evening you are riding tea cups and watching the paint the night parade.

We squeezed in a little disney trip last week- my mom and my sisters and our children. We have annual passes and we reallllly wanted to get our moneys worth before they expire! I know there are a lot of places in California to go- tons of other things to do- but when given the choice, Disney wins every time. What can I say, we are obsessed. Also, I’m about to upload a lot of pictures. Way too many. Probably Morgan and Sabs are the only ones reading this so I’m gonna do what I want and document our trip with one million photos. Whats up sisters.

We left early Sunday morning so we could do a few hours in the park before it closed. Small World was closing for the week so they could de-holiday it and we wanted to ride it before it was down. So glad we made it! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it all bedazzled for Christmas- it was really fun. TIP: Buy dollar store glow things. A whole bunch. The kids really don’t know the difference. And then they are easier to keep track of after dark.

right about when he spotted lightning

Day two. One of the few downsides to coming during the off-season is that the park doesn’t open until 10 AM. Now, the kids get up about 6. So, do the math and thats a serious chunk of our day waiting for the park to open. Often we were early to the park and waited inside the main gate so we could get to Fantasyland before it was super crowded. TIP: If there is a Magic Morning at either Disneyland or CA Adventure- head to the opposite park. Magic mornings make those parks busier and it’s better to steer clear. We had GLORIOUS weather while we were there- probably the best we have ever had.


I could write a whole post about Margo and Lincoln. They are BFFFFFFFFFs. Just constantly by each other and chatting about the most hilarious things. They are just about 20 weeks apart and act like little twins. I really wish they lived next door.

One of my most favorite rides.

The whole group! TIP: this is a great parade spot. Right by the bathrooms near the Alice ride. It is  shaded and not terribly crowded and then also- the bano is right there. Stroller brigade! Quinn is 2 1/2, Grayson is 6 months, Linc is 4, Iz is 6, Archer is 16 months, and Margs is almost 4, 

More parades! We love parades. I think we watched at least one every day. 

Archer’s little finger!

We had so much fun. SO MUCH FUN! We just passed around babies and took turns riding all the rides, we wiped faces and changed diapers and shared food and snacks and glow sticks. For as many times as we have done this- we have really dialed it in and know how to be prepared. Also- the older my kids get, the easier these trips are! I didn’t have to pack (many) extra clothes, no baby supplies, no diapers… every time we go, it is better and better. Linc of course threw a few epic tantrums, but what trip would be complete without him screaming on the dirty floor somewhere. Sabrina and Mo were really CHAMPS. Disney isn’t easy with babies and they just handled it like little baby bosses. And let’s be honest, Grandma ran circles around us and fed the kids chocolate and fruit snacks when we weren’t looking. She is the best.

DAY THREE. We decided to wear our matching shirts from October because hello! We had them!

Lincoln refused breakfast because he is four and it’s his job to make mine harder so yeah he’s eating graham crackers at 9 am.

TIP: When the gates open at CA Adventure, either go to Carsland and do Racers or head to the pier and do Toy Story Mania. The line for that one is always long and there are no fast passes- but it’s one of our favorite rides!

this is such a perfect picture of Lincoln
Quinn got to meet her favorite – Princess Sofia
blurry- but Margo only went if Linc would hold her hand. Kill me.
We love bear country. You probably won’t love bear country if you don’t have small or medium sized children. Isabelle earned her senior wilderness explorer badge by passing off six adventures? I think? she was really excited. 

Also, Isabelle was so cute this trip and wanted to take her “own pictures.” She would snap a scene and then text it to Jazz back at home and the whole time I’m like hey is she fourteen or what.

By Isabelle
Surprise more parades! Margo’s little hand.
We were pretty wiped out by the time the park closed at 8. Linc fell asleep in the stroller I think every night. When Isabelle is exhausted she gets the giggles- she thought it was pretty funny to pretend to hit Lincoln on the head with her glow thing. This probably isn’t funny to anyone else but these are my kids so it’s hilarious.

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