four on the fourteeth

Lincoln woke up early Thursday for his actual birthday. These days he wakes up early anyway, and his favorite thing to do is go and wake up Isabelle. We’ve really tried everything to keep him OUT of her room, short of locking Isabelle’s door, which I’m sure he would just knock and yell until she came out. This kid is fiery. So while Isabelle was eating her breakfast before school, Linc opened his family presents.

He has great faces. 

After we sent Isabelle to school, we had breakfast together and got ready for the day. I’m a little bit obsessed with his rainboots, the ten day forecast looks promising for lots of use. The letter of the day for preschool was D so naturally we had to stop and pick up his most favorite treat for his little school buddies. He picked a chocolate long bar and I’m sure he ate the entire thing.

The mom hosting preschool had a little banner set up and made the day all cute- I so appreciate other moms who do extra special touches. Thanks DeAnne! He requested Old McDonald’s for lunch- but “not yet’ he said, first home to play marbles. And hot wheels.

And THEN to McD’s. Apparently they took out the play place at ours? Which I’m secretly happy about because #gross. We sat together and talked about his birthday party and the day that he was born. He waved a bunch to the baby sitting across from him in a high chair. “Mom tell me when she is looking” he said. I love that eats his french fries out of the corner of his mouth. Chomp chomp chomp. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon together while Isabelle was at ballet with Grandma. We set up his new toys and ate popcorn in bed while we watched Wreck it Ralph. At 5, we headed to Red Robin for dinner with my mom. (Grandpa was in Florida at a cataract convention. It’s a thing.) Linc ordered his favorite chicken and french fries and was delighted when they came out to sing to him. 

When we were putting the kids to bed that night, we snuggled in Lincoln’s bed and I told them all about the day Lincoln was born. All about our adventure to Sacramento, driving myself to the hospital in the night, waiting and working and trying to get Lincoln OUT- finally at 2:13 in the morning, almost two full days after I checked in, our little baby was born. 
No nap day = kids asleep by 7:30. I love days like that- not a lot of pressing errands to get done, with time I can just sit and do whatever Lincoln wants to do. I need to do that more often. I told him he is my best friend, and he told me I am his best girl. Best days of my life, with these guys. 

Nothing in the world better than this!!! Ohhh my heart.

1 thought on “four on the fourteeth

  1. You my dear beautiful lady, are one heck of a fantastic mama. Love your special stories about your children and your lives – you are a dear. Happy Birthday Linc!


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