Ready, Set, GO.

Lincoln turned FOUR this week and we had a little party for him to celebrate his big day. Lincoln is obsessed with hot wheels and racing, so we had to do a theme to go along with that. A few months ago, we went to Target with $20 Lincoln had saved from gifts from his Grandpa John. I told him he could pick out a new toy with his money, hoping I could steer him in the right direction. He saw a hot wheels track and was SET. Honestly I tried to talk him out of it because I thought- it must be flimsy, I’m sure it doesn’t really work, we would recycle it in a few weeks, etc, but NO we had to have it. So we left with a big orange box of tracks. We got home and set it all up and I swear he was occupied for days and days. One morning we actually found him out playing hot wheels at 5 AM because he was just too excited and he couldn’t sleep anymore. And ever since then, he has been HOOKED. 
We invited our cousins and a few friends over to eat some favorite foods and have a big round robin race on his very own double racetrack. Again this year I asked Linc what kind of cake he wanted, and again he picked donuts. What can I say, the kid loves donuts. 

traffic light rice krispies were pretty cute.


I love his little freckled face so much.

So we started the party by playing our “race game.” I bought a pack of new hot wheel cars and had them in a basket so everyone could pick their very own. Jazz used some sort of neat online magic to print out a round robin race schedule where all of the kids got to play each other. It actually was really fun! The kids’ attention spans are really short so it went quickly, pretty soon it was their turn to race again. Jazz manned the flag and declared the winner and I sat back and called out the next two racers.

I kept score of the winners and Isabelle ended up having the fastest car. After we were finished racing, we sang happy birthday to Linc so everyone could eat. His choice = chocolate.

We also played a bean bag came with a poster board traffic light and did hot wheel tattoos which the kids LOVED. Why do kids love them so much? They were thrilled. Also I gotta say I get about a C+ taking pictures of the party, we were busy and it was rainy so the light wasn’t great and I forgot to keep my camera with me. Whatever, we were having fun.
These were the little favors, I made traffic light playdoh and everyone took home their race car. 
best one we got.

This party was more low key than in years past- most of the decorations were pulled out from other parties, all the checker flag stuff I ordered from amazon. The only food I had to do was the rice krispy treats and the veggie prep! Easy and stress free. 

The best part was that Lincoln loved loved LOVED his special day. He loved seeing all of his friends. He loved racing. He loved his treats. He loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him, his little face was so smiley and happy. We may not always do big parties but I hope he always has a day to feel a little extra loved, a little extra special because not a day goes by that I think he isn’t a great little person. He IS special, he IS loved, we are lucky to have him, and we like to make every birthday count.

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