quick visit to the pup

When we took all of our holiday visitors back to the airport in Sacramento, we decided to make a day of it and see our puppy. We couldn’t see him until evening, so we spent the day eating chick-fil-a and visiting the train museum downtown. I’ve been to Sacramento a million times, and we have never done the museum. Always stuff to do! We initially wanted to go to the Zoo, but it was pouring, so plan b. Plan b ended up being really fun- the kids really liked all of the big trains. You can walk through some and drive a simulator and then upstairs they have a bunch of train tables to play with. 

Linc “drove” a simulated train and was pretty excited about it.

MOM there is a four! I am going to be four!

We sat in the high speed train and it felt a lot like an airplane- comfortable seats and trays. Me and the kids sat around and pretended we were ordering food- and the cute old volunteer train man joined in to play our game with us. All of the volunteers looked like Santa and you could tell that trains were THEIR THING. Just ready to regurgitate all sorts of facts and information if you asked.

At 5:30 we headed over to see our puppy. He is nicknamed “Crew socks” because of the white markings on his paws. He is also the biggest of the litter! Yikes. 

just really one of my favorite moments. Freckles and puppies. Ours is the middle dog

This one is ours.

Only about three more weeks until we bring him home! We are starting to collect all the dog related items we might need- Santa brought his bed and food bowls and some toys. We will crate train him, and the breeder is already starting that a little bit. I am a bit nervous. I think it will be so fun and so great for our family, but I know the first few years of puppy life can be rough. I’m home most of the time, so I will be there to take him out etc but if you have AWESOME PUPPY TIPS I am accepting all suggestions. I think we are 90% decided on a name that Isabelle came up with one night, just waiting to get him home to make sure it fits.

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