Looking ahead

Today Linc had his teeth cleaned. He sat really still, opened his mouth and was in charge of the suction. Big deal when you are four. His favorite part was collecting his goodies at the end. Also, I promised him a treat because I am not above bribery. Nothing like sugar to reward clean teeth!

I remember making this dentist appointment clear back in July. I was twelve weeks pregnant, and I thought- oh my goodness when Linc has his teeth cleaned again I will just about have this baby! I even had to make it a week earlier than planned to make sure there was plenty of time, as I definitely wouldn’t venture out of the house for weeks/months to come.

And here we are, It’s January, and we all know that I’m not having a baby this month. I forget about stuff like that for awhile and then something pops up like this dentist appointment or opening my address book and an old sonogram picture falling out, and then I remember. Oh, right.


Holidays are always a little emotional for me. There were a couple of nights when I just had a really good cry and got it all out. Lots of my family was here for a few weeks- last year we were all pregnant together and this year they all have their sweet chunky babies. Everyone on social media was making neat little collages with their top nine posts of the year and I’m over here like BYE 2015. A year ago this week we lost a baby at 14 weeks. Six months later, it happened again. Not my finest year.

Lots of wonderful things happened though. Disneyland thrice. A big trip to the beautiful island of Maui. Izzie lost basically all of her teeth. Linc started preschool! Jazz put up Christmas lights for the first time. I joined a fitness group and learned how to box jump and pull a sled and executed more burpies than I would ever like to do again. 2015 was a great year. *ish*

Last year was all about the “grand and the simple” and it helped me to see the sun through some dark clouds. This is my 2016 theme or mantra or motto or whatever- peace, a calm heart, and courage to face those clouds. This verses of scripture popped up several times over the last few weeks, and the more I read it, the more it “clicked” with me. Sometimes you read things dozen of times before you really read them.

Here is to a peaceful 2016.

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