Christmas bells are ringing!

Well not anymore, but they WERE ringing. I’m behind, I know. I’m working on it.
Christmas Day! We look forward to this all year. Isabelle was the first to wake up and alerted us of Santa’s visit. Jazz put the baby gate up and locked it shut so they couldn’t get out without us! I mean, I didn’t want to miss seeing their little faces. We unleashed them and they were so excited to see their gifts. The first thing Izzie did- before she opened any presents- was go to the tree and get the gift she had earned and purchased for Lincoln. She was so excited she just couldn’t wait another minute. 
After that, they went for their stockings. 

This was the gift with the “best reaction” award. An industrial pencil sharpener. Seriously she was so thrilled to get her OWN. That PLUGS IN. 

After Linc saw his Hot Wheel Thing he was done.
Lego undies!
Lincoln earned like $8 and bought Izzie some play makeup and nail polish. Pink because “Bell WUVS pink.”

pajama party!

We opened all of our gifts and Jazz and I exchanged as well- we always do stockings for each other. I took a quick shower and put on fresh pajamas because lol who gets dressed on Christmas. We headed to moms for round two of festivities.

super heroes= now go everywhere with us

We spent the day playing with new toys and eating super good leftovers. The weather was gorgeous and the kids played outside for awhile before bingo and some cousin games Aunt Morgan had for everyone.

Scott brought over his Wii U and Lincoln was OBSESSED. 
Iz and Archer
Olaf game

my bingo partner
matching new jammies for both Isabelles.

Christmas was mellow. I think we stayed at my mom’s all day- we had a big dinner with everyone. Twenty people is a LOT. Like, a circus, the volume level is astonishing and would alarm anyone not sufficiently prepared. I wouldn’t have it any other way- these are my people. We love being together.

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