Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve! Such a fun and magical day. I can’t remember what we did most of the day- I know I made cinnamon rolls and we wrapped some presents. Late afternoon we drove to my parents’ house to be together as a family. Our usual crab dinner was cancelled due to the ban on crab fishing in California right now (rude!) so dad smoked ribs and oh man, they were literally the best ribs I have ever had in my liiiiife. After dinner, the kids all put on their Christmas jammies and we did the nativity reading. Mom had made these hilarious tiny toddler costumes for everyone and it made it so much more fun. Dad read the narration, the kids acted it out, we sang appropriate songs with the piano. As far as traditions go, this one is pretty great.


shepherd and sheep visit the baby Jesus (Baylor)
Also, their tails. 

Izzie, Madiyn, Kira, Scott and Bay
And no Christmas Eve is complete without a reading of The Grinch by my mother. 

I meant to get a big lineup of the kids in their pajamas all matching but it was harder than you think- some kids upstairs, some babies asleep, other kids having second dinner. It just didn’t happen, and that’s okay. After our rambuncious yet lovely nativity, we went home to set the stage for Santa to come. Isabelle had some sparkly oats from kindergarten to sprinkle on the lawn so the reindeer could land. I hope we can keep the tradition of Santa going as long as possible, it’s just really magical. Anyway, we laid out the cookies and milk, the letters to Santa, and Izzie had drawn pictures for the Elves and Mrs. Claus.
We also started a new tradition this year, we had each of the kids pick out a small baby-age gift in honor of Max. We put them in Max’s stocking and let Santa pick up the gifts and give them to another baby who didn’t have very many presents or toys. 

It took them all of fifteen minutes to fall asleep, days and days of constant on the go/ no nap playtime will do that to a kid. Jazz and I tiptoed around and put out their toys and presents, filled up their stockings. Most everything was wrapped and ready so it didn’t take very long. When everything is out and placed, I get giddly. I have so many memories of magical Christmas mornings, and being on the other side of that is actually really, really fun. I was excited for Izzie to see her doll bunk bed, and for Linc to see the big Hot Wheels track. Santa also brought all of the things we will need when our puppy comes home in about four weeks.

We really are so blessed to have our children, blessed to have a husband who works hard, who provides for us. Blessed to be able to give a wonderful Christmas morning to our kids. We went to bed about 10:30, continued binge watching 30 Rock, and slept peacefully until about 6:45 when Izzie yelled from the hallway MOM! MOM SANTA CAME!

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