cousin cookie party

Last week, JaNae invited everyone over for a cousin cookie making party so we could check “Santa’s Cookies” off of the list. Think ten kids, individual cookie stations, tons of cute sprinkles and festive frosting. And aprons to boot!

the dough stage

my favorite photo ever. Margo REALLLLLLY cutting that shape out

with a mustache 

this is about the part where lincoln realized his hand was sticky. NOOOO.

Kira, Isabelle, Madilyn
determined faces

the frosting stage

surely santa didn’t need ALL the cookies

Quinn and Sabs

the finished product
Madilyn, Isabelle, Kira, Linc, Margo, Bennett, Quinn, Henry, and Grayson

I thought maybe the kids would get bored and not finish the cookies but NOPE. Everyone had their fair share of frosting and sprinkles both on their cookies and just straight into their mouths.

Sometimes doing “fun things” at holidays seems like a lot of work. don’t get me wrong, It IS a lot of work. I know it was a lot of work for JaNae to make the dough and have all the supplies, hosting is a lot of work. (plus the clean up, hashtag sprinkles) It feels less like “work” and more magical when you are doing it with family and friends. When we are together, we all wipe noses, hold fussy babies, clean off messy hands and faces. It’s like a tribe of people rather than a gathering of individual families, and that’s really special and unique I think. We are lucky, we are blessed, I just feel like my family makes my life so much BETTER, even if it is a circus, even if it is messy, it’s better. Seeing my kid’s faces when they have the freedom to use their imagination, the space to run, the time to be creative, that is why we do the “fun things.” Let them be kids.

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