Ballet Review

I’ll get to Christmas and New Years and 2015 wrap up (byeeeee) but my type A personality has to go in order.

Every Thursday, my mom picks up the girls from school and takes them to ballet. First they go home, change into their leotards, have some toast, and then go to class. The best part is that my mom is the teacher. She’s done this for a few years now and I am not exaggerating when I say it is their most favorite day of the week. Isabelle is constantly asking if it is Thursday yet.

So they put together a little Ballet Review for us to come and watch their class, sort of like an informal recital. Course my mom had to bedazzle some stuff and do costumes which was SO FUN. the girls were so excited. The fourth dancer is our little friend Kennedy.

First they started with their stretches-

Kennedy, Kira, Iz, Madilyn

notice my mom, doing the splits. 

Then they moved to the barre-

And to center-

Izzie’s little hyperextended legs!

And then quickly changed into their costumes for Jingle Bell Rock.
(the video starts sideways but corrects after a few seconds.)

And when they finished, their aunts gave them flowers, because “that’s what aunts do.”

I think the girls had a really good time and they were so proud of themselves! Of course we were proud of them too. I know Isabelle will likely not be a professional dancer someday, but I love what any extra curricular teaches her-discipline, hard work, commitment, and to not give up! I feel like giving up is so easy these days, our kids think it is normal. It’s not normal, it’s just what society teaches us. Anyway, Iz did a great job and we are so lucky to have Grandma Cindy as their teacher!

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