Family Pictures

It’s post Christmas, my house is a disaster, laundry is in piles, I feel like 90 percent of my body is made of sugar.

Naturally, it’s the perfect time to blog.

Katie did our family pictures last month. I told her I wanted BIG trees. We drove east to the mountains and she had the perfect places for us. So glad we went when we did, literally the next day it snowed and covered everything in slush. And as a bonus, this is the first year since he was a smiling fat baby that Lincoln wasn’t a huge turd ferguson during the shoot.

I’m delighted with how they turned out. Every time she sends me our pictures each year, I cry when I look at them. I’m just so in love with my children and my family and they are SO BEAUTIFUL. Like mom heart explosion. She captured their personalities so well. She gave me like 160+ pictures so I’m probably going to over share. This is normal.

her little hand on his head. 

they are mine!

one of my favs

his captain america pose.

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