merry christmas, ya filthy animal.

Christmas came early for our family this year. Our little Basenji puppy was born on Thanksgiving! We’ve been discussing getting a dog for quite some time…hours of research, talking to everyone we know, reading everything possible–led us to a breed called Basenji. We knew we wanted a small to medium, family friendly, sturdy, hypoallergenic dog that could do well indoors and outdoors in the heat. In September I took the kids down to Vacaville to meet the dogs and see if it would be a good fit, and we were sold! We didn’t tell the kids, but we got on their waiting list for their next litter.

I’m gonna be really honest. I am 60 percent excited and 40 percent terrified of having a tiny little animal peeing and chewing things in my house. Someone tell me it is worth it! We will crate train the dog, and do a puppy class, with expectations that it will take some time to house train him. I know it will be work, but I’m excited to have such a fun project for all of us as a family to enjoy. It’s been a rough few years for us, we could use some happy.

A few days after thanksgiving, I wrapped up my childhood dog’s leash (why do I have that) and we surprised the kids with their gift. We hopped in the car and drove down to meet the puppies and see which one would be ours! Because the puppies were born around Thanksgiving, they gave them all pilgrim names to keep track of them. Ours is named Bradford (for now). He will be tan and white and get to be about 20 pounds. Linc wants to name him Bolt or Poop. Izzie likes Tucker McFoxington.

Izzie and three-day old puppy
Baby holding a fur baby.

so teeny and snuggly
Yesterday, Jazz took the kids down for another visit. The puppies were so much bigger already. 

Future Sorensen doggie

This is Izzie with Sandy, a full size female Basenji. Curly tail!
We are EXCITED. The puppy will stay with his mom for six or seven more weeks, and then we will bring him home to our house. It will be an adventure but I think we are up for it! Tell me your happy positive dog stories! I don’t want to hear if they ate your couch.

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