turkey day

Ohhhhh, Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. A day set aside for food!  Yesssss. And yes of course being thankful for erythang. But really, I love that I just show up with some dinner accessories as a buy-in for the main course. My mom always makes these orange rolls and my dad’s stuffing is just THE BEST. Anyway.
I promised Leigh I would do the turkey trot this year and so at 8 am we braved the freezing weather to do six miles on the river trail. We walked and talked about our families and our troubles and triumphs and everything in between- a perfect way to catch up while earning our pie for later in the day. I love these girls, they’ve been with me through thick and thin. 
Katie looked too good to be trotting. Unfair.

letting the pack through

While I was doing that, Jazz took the kids to Williams to drop off Ellie to her dad. I came home to an empty house! I took a shower with no children knocking on the door! I ate lunch on the couch! Without judgement! Was so nice.

Later we took our sweet potatoes and cheeseball over to Mom’s for playtime and dinner. We snapped this little selfie in my mom’s front yard before unleashing them with their cousins. Guys I just love these people of mine! We probably should have ten kids.

my little sidekick in the back seat

dad smoked the turkey this year
While the women were prepping food and setting the table, the boys took the kids upstairs. Uncle Scottie brought over Mario Kart and taught them to play. LINC WAS HOOKED. It was so funny and hilarious, just like full power running in to everything and driving backwards but he was getting the hang of it. I have so many good memories sitting on my brothers’ bunk bed playing the N64 at all hours waiting for Santa to come. (And damn if Sabrina didn’t school us, especially freaking Koopa Beach) Now every time we go to my mom’s house, Linc says “I hope unca scottie brought mawio kawt!” He’s hoping Santa will bring him his very own. (uhh prolly not)

of course Grandma had a myriad of crafts on hand.

Baylor! And his cheeks and his rolls and I want to bite him!

After dinner, we cleared the plates and got out the bingo cards. My mom has legit prizes, and you can steal them from each other. Things get TENSE. But ultimately we walked away with some sweet scores and and a gift card for date night. My parents are the best, we have so much fun at their house and I’m so glad we live here! Every time I get in my car, my phone reminds me we are only six minutes from their house. How lucky are we?

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