cousin ellie

Last week we had the BEST time with our niece Ellie-  she visited us for a few days before Thanksgiving. She is 12, and my kids were IN HEAVEN. Sunday after church, Linc and I drove to Sacramento to pick her up and I swear he didn’t stop talking to her for four days. Non-stop. The kids wanted to show her everything and give her the grand tour of all of their toys and Christmas decorations and stuffed animals etc. She was such a good sport and was so cute with them. At night the kids went to bed and we stayed up to watch Dancing With the Stars and chit chat about 12 year old stuff. 

snacks and games at grandmas

Also, we saw The Good Dinosaur on Wednesday. The movie was really cute, the scenery was amazing. So realistic I can’t believe it was animated! Well done, Pixar. Anyway. Bring tissues, just in case your eyes leak like mine did.

I love their little faces
Every time Ellie comes, we like to visit Max’s Park. She come out for Max’s funeral, and I think it’s special she wants to visit and leave a note for him. When we pulled up, we spotted four deer! Just wandering. I’ve only seen deer there maybe one or two other times, and never that many. They walked right past us! Just thought Max sent them to say hello to us while we were there. The kids made notes that we laminated and ziptied to the little pole by his stone. We cleaned it all up and removed the fall stuff and left some Christmas decorations. I know Max isn’t there, but it really helps me to do something seasonal and leave a little note for him. We tell the kids the wind takes our notes up to heaven.

iphone timer for the win!
cocoa and more christmas crafts. Izzie was so happy to have a craft buddy.
kicking off the season by watching Elf
We had four full days of non stop fun with Ellie. We took her back down on Thursday morning and the kids keep asking when she is coming back. Ells we love you! Come back and visit any time!

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