odds and ends

Just some odds and ends to update about. 

First, Isabelle got her Articles of Faith pin a few weeks ago. In January, our ward at church was challenged to memorize the 13 Articles of Faith (statements that outline what we believe). We started working on them, and I really didn’t know how far we would get, but slowly and surely she plugged through all 13. The last one was long and tricky but she did it! Passed them all off! She was asked to go up to the pulpit in church and receive her little pin and I was so proud of her. She’s 6! Here’s a link to them if you are curious- Articles of Faith.

Also we house sat a dog a few months ago, and it sort of spiraled out of control and now we might be getting a dog for Christmas? The kids have no idea, but we are excited. It’s a basenji, google it.

Snooch hitched a ride when she was tired.
last lake trip
in case you are wondering, Linc still fits in the ergo…solution to meltdown during dinner prep.
little cousin best friends after school
I have so many pictures of my kids sleeping. It’s weird. But, his LIPS!
celebrating Kira’s birthday at the sweet spot
Lincoln made this mustache for me all by himself. Paper, scissors, and tape. Made me laugh because it was kind of perfect.

I teach music to two of the kindergarten classes at Izzie’s school on Tuesdays… sometimes there is a fire drill. Lincoln’s favorite thing ever is to pretend he is five years old and that he totally fits in with everyone. It’s really cute, all the kids know him and include him in playtime too.

Isabelle got her nails painted last week before family pictures and it was a BIG DILL.
He was too tired to jump but not too tired to hoard all the balls.
Christmas is up! Bite me, all you grinches!
Linc is obsessed with this scooter. We keep it in the trunk and take it out anywhere we can. He is so quick on it, it makes me nervous! I can hardly watch. I’m waiting for that *thud* and then broken things.
she is just the happiest kid
oh weird another picture of linc sleeping. But his little hands!

1 thought on “odds and ends

  1. I feel very inadequate as your 6 year old knows the articles of faith better than I do.


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