Halloween gets more fun the older our children get. I think the first year we went trick-or-treating, we hit three houses. Last year we did like half a street or so. This year we made the whole neighborhood! Sure, I ended up carrying Lincoln up the hill after he literally LAID DOWN on the sidewalk.

Also, I vote that Halloween is always on a Saturday. So much easier! We got costumes on and makeup done about 4:30 and headed to moms for pizza and traditional sloppy joes with our cousins. If you know my mom, you know Halloween is her JAM. She always does a great costume and bedazzles the house. I love to see what she comes up with- this year she went the opposite of last years Malificent, Helena Bonham Carter’s fairy godmother from the new Cinderella.

Our church had a trunk or treat in the parking lot so we also ran over there for about an hour.

All the pictures!

that one is hers. she is just the cutest.

let me show you the inside. Also her hair is LONG.

Then we went over to Mom’s to see her creation!

She is just the best. She has 14 grandchildren, by the way.

Three generations here. Also, when I got out my big makeup kit to do Isabelle’s face, she said, “Oh I have been WAITING for this.” Age six is pretty great.
Truck or treat
Linc was so cute- he kept stepping into people’s houses. No fear of strangers, that kid. They would give him a candy and he would say “uhhh I dont really like that kind” and swap it out. At least he knows what he wants! With the trunk or treat plus Mom’s neighborhood, their little buckets were nearly filled. I took the liberty of accepting all of the poisonous treats with nuts (almond joy snickers baby ruth and okay maybe some reeses). We went back to Mom’s to watch her man the door in her get-up. The kids watched Room on the Broom and were pretty much exhausted from the day, I think everyone slept well that night. (Until daylight savings kicked in. Haaaaaate.)

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