Pumpkin Patching

Last weekend we finally made it to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. We usually have this big preschool field trip and do the hay ride and the corn cannons and the whole nine yards, but Linc had the croup and we missed a whole week of activities. Poor kid. 

Our ER visit…I can’t remember the last time he slept on my chest like this. His feet go clear down to my knees- he is huge! And also soft and his ears were all warm. Okay, I’m done.
Anyway, we had a nice morning at the patch last week just the four of us. Any excuse for the kids to wear their boots and they are IN.

too sunny. everywhere.

I love this so much- I put in on Instagram and Morgan commented “Their personalities in a picture.” and I laughed because OH SO TRUE. Isabelle, always the lady, obedient and sweet. Lincoln over there like YO, I DO WHAT I WANT. Bringin’ back the plank.

the lucky pumpkin

Linc totally picked the green squatty one. Again, his that’s exactly him.

 After we got our pumpkins, the kids got to why we REALLY came- the $2 rides and games. They waited so patiently for their turn on this giant bouncy slide. I’m thinking we should get one for the back yard really, so practical.

Train ride. More of a “golf cart with trailer” sort of situation but it worked.

tiny hay maze. Linc just started squeezing between them like DUH EVERYONE JUST DO THIS.

Mom I can drive this ALL by myself!

We finished off the day with a trip to MOD, where our pizza was, for the first time ever, subpar. Lincoln threw a tantrum and had to be excused to the car which was not in fact, the first time ever. No family day out is complete without a meltdown, amiright.

The next morning we had our primary program at church. Isabelle had worked really hard to memorize her part and sing the songs. When it was her turn at the pulpit I just got so nervous for her! She’s six and still seems so small but she has all the confidence in the world and it makes me soooooo proud to be her mother. She threw me a big thumbs up after she hopped down and I almost exploded. The program went well and is definitely the most entertaining Sunday of the year. Lincoln just majorly grew out of all clothes and is now in a size five pant, size ten shoe and size xs in the boy section. How are both my kids in the BIG KID SECTION! His new church shoes are like little man loafers, I love them. These two are just the best little buddies and every day I am so thankful that they have each other. Tonight we are going to carve up those pumpkins and eat Halloween cookies for dinner in preparation for the Great Sugar Binge of tomorrow.

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