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I’m about to bust out Christmas so I better finish posting about the Halloween season. Izzie’s Kindergarten parade, farm fieldtrip, and carving out pumpkins…your basic fall festivities. Costumes aren’t allowed at school- except for the Kindergartners, for one hour so they can walk around in circles for their gawking parents. Hey JaNae, if you are reading this, your mermaid costume has HELD UP. She has worn in over and over and it still looks brand new!

Isabelle’s teacher was a great white shark. Obviously we are friends.
Anthony’s mom grew up across the street from me! Fun.
She’s so good to be cool with Lincoln interrupting her grown up kid time.

After the little parade, I dropped Linc off over at mom’s for the morning and headed to the farm to chaperon Izzie’s class fieldtrip. Turns out every other parent had the same idea and there were a zillion grown ups walking around with 22 kids. Safety in numbers I guess!

Hay guys! See what I did there.
“Mom dees pigs smell totally howwible.”

trying her hardest to feed that cow

Field trip was really cute, the kids love the farm and our tour guide was charismatic. Also the patch is so funny, its a field they have transported and dumped pumpkins into. Hey kids go pick a random pumpkin just sitting on the ground!

That night, we turned on spooky music and got busy decorating our Halloween cookies and carving pumpkins. Lincoln was like DUMP THE SPRINKLES OUT and Izzie was all meticulous and careful, creating cookie masterpieces.

 Then we cut into the pumpkins. My kids don’t like the slimey guts, and every year I think they will get over it and they haven’t yet? Do they ever? Iz wore gloves for awhile but you can tell she is not enjoying it.

Okay, so Linc picked out this green pumpkin at the patch the week before. I thought it would take similar effort to carve it but OH NO. Jazz started with a knife, then moved to paint scraper, screw driver and finally CROW BAR. That lid would not budge. Eventually we got a little bit out, enough to cut a square in it and be done. Note to self, green pumpkins are not carvable… was fun to watch him try though. 

bat dad

They poked holes in the pumpkin and we carved out the shape that they poked. Again, Linc was all crazy stabbing that thing to death and Isabelle was slow and careful. “Dis is hard work!” she says. Kids are fun, I mean I guess I always knew they would be, but I’m enjoying this stage. I wasn’t saying that this morning when Lincoln woke up the house at 4:51 because he thought it was morning time- but for the most part- age 4 3/4 and age 6 are fun. The kids have these amazing personalities, and add that to holiday activities, and yeah I guess I am really happy with my life here. All around a solid family night.

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