Isabelle’s 6th

Sunday the 4th we celebrated Isabelle’s sixth birthday! The day she was born, it was General Conference Sunday and I remember laying in that hospital bed listening to all the talks while labor progressed. She was born late late that night, at 11:33- and had the tiniest little meow cries. Now, every conference reminds me of the day she made me a mother.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but Isabelle was a tough newborn. Actually- like her whole first year was a little rough. I think she used up all her fussy because she is genuinely the sweetest and kindest little person in the world. She is considerate and thoughtful and helpful and giving. She is curious and sensitive and asks all kinds of really great questions. I just want ALL good things for her, she is so wonderful.
We spent the day relaxing at home, working on a puzzle way more advanced than we needed to, and eventually ended up at my parents’ for brownies and ice cream. (Her request). We just had her party last Satruday, and I’ll update that when I have more than one episode of octonauts during which to blog. Hashtag, priorities.

her hair is so long!
just for fun.. Izzie two days old
Also, Isabelle is starting to spell words on her own and it’s really adorable to see how she spells things. Monday we came home from school, and everyone went to their rooms for “quiet time” aka my lunch hour. She came out thirty minutes later and said SURPRISE I’ve been doing my homework this whole time and it’s all done! Ohhhhh you are so cute I could squeeze you. 
Usually we do this sheet together and I help her spell but guys I’m never erasing these little words they are perfect. My favorite one is Tishoo Box with a backwards S.
Tissue Box
At six Isabelle:
Has lost 6 teeth
Wears size 6-8 dresses
loves to go to Grandma’s
loves waffles 
and grapes
and orange chicken.
She practices violin.
and loves her cousins
tea parties
and anything fancy.
She is working on reading
and pronouncing her ‘r’s.
She loves Linc 
and never forgets Max in a single prayer.
Isabelle you are perfect!
6 is going to be great.

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