Mermaid Party for Iz

Saturday we celebrated Isabelle’s Birthday with a few of the favorite friends. She told me she wanted to wear her mermaid costume to the party- so in the spirit of Halloween we made it a costume party for everyone! She helped me plan the food and it was so cute to see her mind be creative… sea shell mac and cheese, fishes… she was saying things like “we could serve bananas and pretend they are, what are those things called? sea slugs or something?” I love her imagination.

wreath on loan from JaNae!

Hook, Smee, Tick tock croc

So we set up this little makeup station and had Leigh’s sister come and do the girls makeup for the fashion show. It was SO cute and they loved getting real eyeshadow and gems and sparklies on their faces. They waited so patiently in line. Little girls are SO fun. 

All done!
Mom is hardcore Halloween, guys.

After everyone had their makeup done, we had a fashion show and the girls won prizes like “sparkliest costume” and “best runway attitude.”
hand on the hip!

the boys were a crackup, seriously.
dance party finale

such a good group of little friends!
we love parties!

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