chapter three.

Last post about Disneyland, I promise. Eh, I only sort of promise.
Disney does this great trick or treat party- we did it last year and it was SO FUN so we decided to do it again this year. At 6 pm, they close the park to everyone without a wrist band- basically you run from these little stations and trick or treat in costume. You can ride rides, meet characters- and all the villains are out! All the workers have special outfits, they do spooky themed performances and food and all sorts of Halloween things. It was busy, especially those first few hours, but it was totally worth it. 
The girls got it in their heads months ago that they wanted to be mermaids this year. Somehow in her spare time, between having a new little baby and juggling three other kids, JaNae made these costumes. MADE THEM. They turned out so cute and the girls loved matching. She had enough fabric and decided to make them for the girl cousins as well. SO CUTE. We had so many comments from strangers about the adorable little posse of mermaids. 
Jake from the SWAT team, Bennett as Hook, Linc as Capt America, Margs, Iz, Madilyn, Kira and Allison
Trying to get their picture- hilarious.
I found this outtake of Lincoln and I want to blow it up and frame it. Dejected Captain America.
be still my heart.
smee and captain hook

Thursday we spent most of the day at California Adventure. We got on Toy Story Mania and it FROZE and we had to be evacuated. But, we got a 12 person free pass to the front of ANY line. So it was kinda worth it.

We have this new game called Pass the Baby. I am winning.
finally saw Lightning. 
round two of Pass the Baby. Sabs with Gray, me with Emma

And then we took over the splash pad. ALWAYS PACK SWIM CLOTHES.

Okay so we stayed late on Thursday for the new World of Color. It’s all new and redone- the focus is all about Walt (first name basis.) and his whole vision for Disneyland since they are celebrating 60 years. Thursday was our last full day at Disney- I hate when our trips come to an end. We got a great little spot to watch the show, me and Dad ran to get a whole bunch of ghiradelli hot fudge sundaes- we made it back just in time for it to start. And guys the show was just sooo good and I was sitting there with my family and this beautiful water show in the happiest place on earth and I just ugly cried. I thought about all the times we have come to Disneyland in such sadness, only to be lifted up with joy. Some of my most special memories are with my family at Disneyland, and it was just one of those momentssssss. When I get to the other side, I would sure like to give a hug and a handshake to Mr. Disney and thank him for his gift.

Friday was technically our day to drive home…. buuuuuut. We did four hours in the park before heading north. It’s amazing how much you can fit into a half day!

Her face!

“I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
(name that movie.)
she just wants to randomly hold him, and I love it

We got in line with some lollipops for the kids but we were one short. Linc volunteered to share with Margo. No germs at Disney.

Missing a few of our nursing mothers but BIG GROUP. like LOL when we walk down the road

Bottom line: Disney does not disappoint. There is no better place for a big group to meet! Stuff for all ages and grown ups too. Every time we go, it gets easier. No diapers, less stuff to haul around. Fewer tantrums from the 3 year old. We had kids in all different stages- newborn, toddlers, kids. Disney accommodates all. AND it keeps changing! The new Paint the Night electric parade is honestly amazing. AMAZING. Everything is so beautifully lit up- all the costumes have LED lights on them. We also did a frozen sing along show we had never seen before. Always something new. I sound like a commercial, but I mean it. I heart Disneyland.

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