matching matching squared

So months ago I had this vision of us all at the park with MATCHING SHIRTS. I think some family members were less enthusiastic about it (no names *cough* mom), but they were good sports and just went along with my cheesy idea. We ordered matching t-shirts and onesies with all of our names on it for our official Sumsion Family Vacation picture that we just HAD to take since we were all together. They turned out SO cute and also it was really easy to keep track of everyone since we all were wearing bright red.

Alright, this is all of us.

Do you know who everyone is? L-R
Jared holding Grayson, Sabs holding Quinn. Rachel holding Emma with her arm around Jake. Sean holding Allison. Super Dad, Super Mom, Morgan and Margo, JR and Archer, Scott with his arm around Madilyn, JaNae holding Baylor with Bennett at her feet, Me, Kira, Jazz, Izzie, Linc. 

such good little buddies.
Madilyn is the oldest grandchild, and shes holding the youngest! Baylor’s face is just the best.

Allison, Izzie holding Grayson, Kira

Guys this is the best one and mostly we are happy that no one was asleep or had vomit on their shirt. WINNING. Also, Margo’s face.

A quick family picture!

This is my favorite- we were taking a family picture and Margo got right in like yep these are my people! Margs we ARE your people, you are welcome in our photo anytime!

the lollipops were bribery for the group pic , obvs.

Linc got to meet Mator! BEST DAY FOR HIM EVER.

 This was the most popular ride amongst the children. Linc was finally tall enough to ride Racers and he LOVED IT. Like grinned the entire time was so excited wanted to get right back in line. Girls loved it too- we got as many fast passes as possible for this one.

and the girls got to meet fancy 60th anniversary Minnie
I can not get over this face of his and his cheeks I just want to bite him and he is not technically mine.

This is a terrible picture, bless the kind stranger who took this with her finger in the way… Tuesday night we made a MAD DASH for splash mountain, like the parade was going and we had to just RUN and I mean RUN through everyone to make it before the park closed. It was insane- I’m glad I had my good shoes on but realllly needed a sports bra, knowwhatimean. It’s tradition to close out the night on splash, and it didn’t disappoint. The boys made me sit 3rd, which in a full log translates to REALLY SOAKING WET. We waddled home in wet clothes and it took an entire 36 hours for my shoes to dry. Hashtag, worth it.

(I should mention that my kind and loving husband took the children home and put them to bed while I maxed out the park stay- he did this more than one night. He is really great and supportive of our disney obsession. I’m lucky girl.)

Uncle Chip, Scott, Zach, Me, Cole, Jared, other Jared, Mom


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