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Last week we spent five days at the happiest place on earth with the happiest people doing the happiest things. Something special about this trip was that every single Sumsion family member was able to be there! 25 people in the park… it was crazy but it was so fun. My parents, their five kids and spouses, and fourteen grandchildren, including our Max. That’s a lot of people! There is not a better place for a big group to meet than Disneyland.

It was so great to talk to my siblings, pass new babies around, and watch our kids’ hold hands and skip from ride to ride. Throw in the Disney treats, some late night splash mountain runs, the new Paint the Night parade… it was magical.

Just to preface, this will probably be way too many pictures because I can’t control myself. Expect multiple posts. Our kids are too cute.

Sunday we drove down with my parents in their giant suburban, which my dad owns for it’s ability to transport several cycling bikes at a time. Or in our case, several children. It’s about 10 hours with stops and traffic and we were happy to walk to Downtown Disney upon arrival. My mom’s brother Chip was there with his family and so we all grabbed a sandwich or salad and talked while the kids ran around. A few of us snuck in to the park and grabbed some macaroons and accidentally ended up on Thunder Mountain just before close. Nailed it.

We spent four full days and a lucky half day at the park. Tuesday/Wednesday were not very crowded which was great– it was HOT though. Like-wish you could take off your clothes and lay under a fan- hot. Also hilarious- coordinating 25 people.

disney partner for life.
Madilyn, Izzie, Bennett, Kira, Allison. Not pictured- Lincoln running away.

Iz, Madilyn, Kira, Linc

this is his favorite face to make. so photogenic.
how REAL grandmas roll. (Emma and Baylor were born about a week apart.)

Hey look a big group of us! At the Carousel. 
These two…. such good little friends.
Mo, Linc, Margo, Kira, Izzie, Madilyn, Jake en route to tea cups

love this one. 

Small world! Actually our group was too big for one boat so we had to split.
 Matching dino shirts, for the win.

these girls are like tiny inseparable teenagers.

this trip Linc actually wanted to meet characters, which was new and fun!

I love his jankity elbow. Desperately waving to all the parade peeps.

So apparently Disney bought marvel? Did you know this? They had some super heroes out to meet and greet and Linc was SO EXCITED. We even had Linc’s shield with us for the trick or treat party later that night so he could match.

Allison and Linc, being sneaky.

And of course, a trip to Disney wouldn’t be complete without meeting some princesses. There was NO line for this, so the ladies kindly took a few extra minutes to talk to the kids, twirl around, and ask them some questions. Isabelle loved it.

Welp that is two days worth. 

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