the last lake day

Last weekend we spent a good chunk of the day at the lake. There’s always that one last lake run near the fall when the water temperature is less than ideal but its still so fun. The kids love to “drive” the boat and they are starting to tube! I grew up on a yellow sea ray at that lake and it’s fun to take our kids to do the same thing. Pack a lunch, grab some towels and sunscreen, and go- it’s only 20 minutes away. It’s great to be out on the boat- no one hovers over their phones, the kids don’t fight over toys, no one can escape out the front door. Every time we go out, we think whyyyy don’t we do this more often!

sandwiches and cookies taste better on the lake
Madilyn in the tube

I LOVE this picture. The best little friends.

lake days are not conducive to having bangs.
this kid jumped in about eight trilliondy times

Izzie rode the tube with me and did really well! Even flashed grandpa the thumbs up sign. Lincoln was not interested at all. He WAS interested in jumping off the back of the boat over. and over. and over. and over. They all slept really good that night.
Anyway, just a fun day I wanted to record. Regular life stuff.

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