it’s september?

The last two weeks have been nuts. Just absolutely crazy busy, like a jigsaw puzzle to get everything done everyday. Meals in the car. Laundry left in the washer overnight. I don’t know how people do it with like a half dozen kids. I only have two here and it’s insane.

Linc started preschool! We are doing a co-op with other moms in the area- we did this with Isabelle and it was really successful. Lincoln has two years before Kindergarten so this is a good start for him. Mostly it’s a lot of playtime, some structured circle time with songs and letters, and more playtime. He is completely uninterested in holding a pencil or doing a “craft” so it’s probably good we started early. I teach five weeks out of the year, so it’s a great trade. Age three is so fun, he is such a character.

I thought the first time I dropped him off I would sob in my car, alone with my thoughts and no children to tote around with me. Every mom dreams of alone time- but I’d rather have my 18-month old baby here with me. After I left Lincoln at preschool, I was okay! I had every minute planned out while he was gone, I sort of ran out of time at the end and had to pick him up with wet soggy hair. Though I did not plan to have this time to myself, I’m sure gonna use it wisely, no need to feel sorry for myself.

What else.

Mom has all of her Halloween up! Skeletons on the roof!

I tried for six weeks to grow my bangs out. Then promptly cut them. I can’t handle the in between.

We are dog shopping. Talk me out of it? (small to medium, hypo allergenic, good with kids)

Isabelle learned how to snap. Just mention it to her and she will show you nine hundred times.

I’ve joined a fitness group. Hilarious idea, some days I can barely walk. The other day we ran a half mile backwards. Backwards! Jump ropes and squats and planks and all sorts of torture, but I never regret going. Well sometimes when I have to lower myself onto the toilet, then I regret it. But mostly not.

Also, last week we were just getting ready to sit down to dinner at my mom’s house and I heard my phone chime with a new email. I checked it really fast and was totally unprepared.. an internet friend sent me an updated blog header with Max’s profile included on it. Of course I totally started bawlinggggg I mean I’ve wanted to add his little face for a year but just didn’t know how to do it! (sidenote- computer stuff has changed so much since college) Anyway- to my friend Emily- thank you a million times over for fixing a problem without even being asked. Seeing a need, and filling it. People are good! People are so kind. Thank you for not forgetting Max. Made my whole day/week/month.

We really have some fun things to look forward to. (Of which to look forward? Dangling participle? What is proper grammar here, people?) Disney trip coming up- Isabelle’s sixth birthday and a mermaid party. Some doctor’s appointments and hopefully test results. Cooler weather, since Friday was balmy 112 degrees. Let’s do this, September.

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