the rest.

this would be a more accurate representation of our trip.
his teeny little hand!

On Thursday, we went to see Shaun the Sheep in the fanciest movie theater in all the land. RECLINERS. Like, mechanized kind. With motors. And drink holders. I’m sure I will never enjoy a movie as much as that one. Popcorn will run you nine dollars though so plan accordingly.

Of course, a trip to Phoenix isn’t complete without a detour to Sprinkles. Totally out of the way, totally worth it. This is what your mortgage payment looks like converted into cupcakes. Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Carrot Cake, Lemon, Triple Cinnamon, Chocolate Coconut, and a couple Black and Whites. No pumpkin this time SAD.

As it turned out, my brother Sean flew in from San Antonio on Thursday for a cornea conference over the weekend. Corneas? Cataracts? Something like that. Eye ball stuff. It’s been a year and a half since we’ve been together and it was SO FUN to hang out for the afternoon. Our trips just overlapped by about 18 hours and it was perfect.

We are in our thirties, no big deal.
Also, grayson’s face.
Jammed into a tiny play tent. 

And for the second time in a week, we got a baby sitter to watch the kids at bedtime so we could go out to eat like grown ups do. It was nice to sit and eat without inhaling our food out of fear of imminent child meltdown. Also, I got the cashew chicken at Cheesecake’s and it changed my life. We had time to catch up about school and our kids and the land of minivans and everything else in between.

Friday before our flight, Morgan painted Isabelle’s nails and I’m pretty sure it was her favorite part of the whole trip. She showed everyone on the plane, in the car, anyone who would look in her general direction.
so sad to say goodbye

So we had a pretty busy week, Lincoln didn’t nap at all and we ran the kids pretty hard. We boarded the plane and sat down and he could barely keep his eyes open. Before we even took off, he was asleep in his seat. I kept saying, “Isabelle- is he asleep? Like for real?” “Yeah mom his eyes are really closed.” He felt warm but I figured it was just being on a plane and being exhausted.

Once we were in the air, I unbuckled him to hold him and make him more comfortable (aka snuggle him before he realized what was happening)
guy in the back is the best photobomb ever

We even woke him up half way through the flight to go to the bathroom (hilarious trying to fit us all in there. Nope, had to rotate through) and then we sat down and he went BACK TO SLEEP.  It was weird, even for Linc, and as soon as we landed he woke up and barfed. I mean, BARFED. I’m just really thankful I saw it coming a little and had the sense to grab a air sick bag cause we neeeeeded it. People filing past us with all their luggage and we were just talking a second to vomit. No big deal. Poor kid.

We grabbed our bags and made it home just fine, both kids slept a portion of the drive so it was really smooth. Even with the throwing up, it was an easy trip home. 
When we went to phoenix, I was feeling bitter and sad and discouraged. And when I came back I felt hopeful and happy and more full of cupcakes. Attending the temple helped. Sitting and laughing with my sisters helped. Seeing our kids play together helped. Holding baby Grayson helped. We were joking that we would make great sister wives- taking turns doing bath time and cooking and cleaning up meals and packing sandwiches for a lunch time outing- we worked together really well and I wish with ALL OF MY HEART we lived close. It’s my dream to someday live in a giant culdesac all together where our kids can run around rampant and we can share pie and a big pool. That sounds an awfully lot like a compound or something, but you know what I mean. The trip to phoenix was so helpful to me and I feel like I can take a big deep breath and keep going. 
*While I was gone, Jazz built a huge shelving unit in our third car garage. I’m thinking I should take the kids to phoenix more often! Good guy, that one.

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