phoenix, the rundown.

I don’t understand why phoenix is spelled phoenix. I always want to spell it PhEonix.  Or Phoenixxxxx. Anyway, here’s our little trip to maybe the only place that was hotter than Redding.

We flew out of Sacramento- it’s about two hours from where we live. Drive for two, fly for two, then we were there. The kids are just really great travelers, honestly it was like no sweat and I REMEMBER when they were little and traveling made my brain explode. Lap-sitting babies are so tough on planes- but at 5 and 3, it was so much easier. No stroller, no diapers, no giant bag of backup clothes or blankies or the twelve stuffed animals needed for naps. One bag of snacks/books/flight stuff and my purse, and that was it!

We sat in the VERY last row of the plane and I had to ask someone to move so we could all sit together. I do not understand why family boarding is not first, like it used to be? Anyway, it was awkward. “Hey unless you want to entertain a three year old by yourself for the next two hours you might wanna switch me seats, thanks.”
I’ve said it before, but my greatest traveling tip is PAINTER’S TAPE. The possibilities are endless. This time we made pony pens and pretend food, Linc had a paddock for a dinosaur and a road for his cars. A few snacks and our in flight beverage and we were there.

First on the list was PLAY EVERYTHING. See the cousins, get out all the toys, find that giant stuffed bear of Margos… and I got to snuggle six-week old baby Grayson. Jared spent the entire day smoking pork and I in turn spent the evening stuffing my face. Food and babies, can’t go wrong.

Monday we went down to the science center with the kids. It was literally 115 degrees almost every day we were there, so all of our activities were INSIDE. We had never been to the science center before and it was really fun! Just another educational/cool/cultural place we are lacking in our little town here.

waiting for the water area to open.
no stroller? no problem. ehhhh lasted about 20 seconds.

Sabrina is awesome, she has this new little baby and she MADE IT WORK. She met us everywhere we wanted to go- no complaints about timing or schedule or being delirious from lack of sleep.  I snagged him when I could because FROGGY NEWBORN BABY WITH FLUFF HAIR.

Morgan also has a plethora of crafts on hand- we did spin art and made aprons all in one afternoon. Our plan was to exhaust our children so that at 7:05, the house was quiet and we could eat cupcakes and watch bachelor in paradise in peace.

Tuesday we went down to the aquarium.

And then Morgan had the GREATEST idea ever- afternoon baby sitter so we could attend the temple. She put Archer down for his name, a cute girl from her ward came over to play with the kids, and we escaped for a few hours. Just what I needed, really.

literally laughing too hard for a decent picture. You should see the rest of them. 

Wednesday we went to the Children’s Museum which is my MOST FAVORITE PLACE. Like Disneyland, then this place. It’s magic for the kids, there are so many cool little areas set up for them. Hot dog stand! Pretend ice cream! Pizza making station! Room of balls! Art room! I mean, I see why Morgan goes once a week. I’m envious. We told Isabelle all about this place since we had been before and it didn’t disappoint, she loved it.

vacuum tunnels and scarves.

more stuff to do
Morgan told me that Anthropologie donates a lot of their old display items to the museum so even their decorations are hip.

bike car wash, one of Lincoln’s favorites.
They just paint this. Like everyday a different color! Brilliant.
These are my girls. 
This room is so cute to sit back and just WATCH and see what the kids do. They organize themselves, it’s really cute.
Quinn, Archer, Margo, Isabelle, Lincoln
Ugh this is far too long and I still have more stuff so OKAY pause until tomorrow. This trip was so good for my soul I am just smiling looking at all the pictures.

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