summer reading

Well before I do the big Arizona download that you and I both know is coming, I wanted to sneak in a special day that Isabelle earned.

At the beginning of the summer we made a bucket list like we usually do- Izzie helped me write it on the chalkboard near our dinner table. It had things like grow strawberries, visit the library, test out the trampoline park, swim lessons etc. You get it. We put on there “Read 50 Books” for Isabelle, mostly to make sure we as parents didn’t slack on the whole educational part of summer. Is that a thing? According to my mom, that’s a thing. We had like, summer school books with motivation to complete every page. Anyway, Isabelle blurted out “How about a HUNDRED books!” So we crossed out 50, made it a hundred, and I thought meh- we will see how far she gets in eight weeks.

With two weeks to spare, Isabelle stamped off her 100th book on her chart. I mean I hate to brag but I’m pretty sure she is the greatest kid ever and I was really proud of her for getting through a hundred different books in a short amount of time! We read a lot of our books and checked out 10-15 every week from the library, new ones are always more fun to read.

I promised her that if she read all 100 books, she could take a special friend to the movies. Her best friend James from her TK class moved at the end of summer so she was REALLY HUSTLING to make sure she could take him before she left. We also invited James’ sister and Madilyn to come with us. Made it a party.


Her 100th Book. The Little Eskimo. Verdict? Pass.

Her hard earned day full just in the middle of our rough week, so Jazz took the day off to be the chaperone when I couldn’t be there. Five kids to the movies and a swim party? Well done, Jazz. I’m really sad this family moved though, we really like them. 

I love that Linc just fits in, tags along and thinks he is one of the big kids.
Really proud of her. We set a lot of “goals” around our house, big and small, mostly because that’s how my brain works best. I constantly have a to do list on my counter, and a longer one with projects to tackle, Keeping track helps me get things done and I feel like Isabelle and I are kindreds in that thinking. I mean, she’s five, but she does really well with setting a goal and working on it a little bit at a time. She is smart and capable and I’m so glad she’s mine.
Maybe the greatest thing my mom instilled in me is that I can do anything. I mean that literally. Anything. When I would complain or get discouraged, her reply was usually. “……and?” Like c’mon Mic, you can do it! It’s something I have appreciated a lot with music and college and babies and everything- If she thinks I can do it, then I can do it.  If there was someplace I wanted to visit, or a new hobby I wanted to learn about, or a giant piece of music to memorize, she was behind me. She has never hesitated in her support.
I would give Isabelle the world if I could, but I want her to know that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Even something small as reading a bunch of books over summer. Good job, kid.

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