swim lessons

No crying pictures this year! Ehhh don’t be fooled, Linc still cried a little bit but it was much less painful than years past. Nine kids, two hours everyday for a couple of weeks… we really like doing swim lessons this way. Wear them out. Feed them. Naps all around. And it was HOT like 108-115 everyday. SHEESH.
Isabelle is a pretty proficient swimmer, so this year she worked on big kid stuff like different strokes and also diving! Lincoln finally “got it” this year and can hold his breath longer without sucking in a bunch of water. He is swimming short distances by himself and he LOVES to jump in from anywhere. 

just a little sibling hug. also notice their different skin colors? Makes me laugh. 

best cousin friends

Margo was in town! 

snack break

Margo and that suit and those goggles… killing me.
and cause I love slow mo…

Gotta run…shark week is on….

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