Well, it’s summer.

It’s been over a hundred degrees everyday for weeks and the forecast says we have at least ten more days. 115 on Thursday, actually. I knew when I moved back to Redding that I would have to deal with the heat, but every year I’m like MAN THIS IS HOT. Like, SATAN hot.

I will not tell you how long it has been since I did my grocery shopping. My fridge is basically water, apples, yogurt, and ketchup. Pretty much the only thing I have kept up on is laundry, because swim suits need to be washed, rinsed, and put back on naked bodies. It’s hot.

The first few days of summer were… challenging. I thrive on a schedule and all of the sudden we had copious amounts of time and not a lot to do. When we are outside, you have to either be in the pool or walking to the pool or else you will melt. We made a summer bucket list and that helped, now we have some activities we are working on. Isabelle started violin lessons. It’s so great. She’s also reading a hundred books this summer to earn a movie out for her and a friend. She’s about half way.

Swim lessons started last week and now we have a routine going. After swim lessons, it’s too hot to do anything else so we have “rest time” at home and then it’s dinner. My sister has been in town for two glorious weeks with her kids, so we have spent a lot of time at my mom’s house. I’m not kidding when I tell you we have eaten dinner with them like 13/14 days. (So my MOM has been grocery shopping, just not me.)

Also the new pizza place in town- MOD? I’m obsessed. I want to go EVERY meal. Pizzzzaaa.

I was released as the primary chorister and called to be a counselor in the relief society. SO, that’s different.

I played a outdoor wedding last weekend and almost melted. Then I spoke in church.

I love/hate summer. I love having Isabelle home. I don’t love Izzie and Linc arguing and thieving toys. I love sleeping in a few extra minutes. I don’t love the sun setting at ten pm. I love hot dogs and Popsicles and watermelon. I don’t love how messy my house is when I ignore all my chores. I love swimming with the kids and watching them learn new things. I don’t love being in a swimsuit. I love our little garden growing fruits and vegetables. I don’t love tending to slugs and weeds and insects in general. I love the (sometimes) quiet afternoons. I don’t love the not so quiet afternoons. I do love slowing down from the school year and being a little more mellow.

First day vs last day. 

Thursday nights we do a fancy dinner with lipstick. By “we” I mean the kids.

Nap time going GREAT.
hashtag, chillin.
pool, cousins, and popsicles. The trifecta.

a better nap time, still no nap. but I want to bite him.

Izzie playing dress up. Does she look 14 to you? Also- the sock bun lives onnnnnnn! 

one of my greatest achievements as a mother.
Okay, these two deserve a paragraph. Lincoln and Margo are BUDS FO LIFE. Linc woke up everyday WHERE IS MARDOH? We spent so much time with them I think he thought it was a permanent situation, poor kid. Since they left, he has asked about her about fifty times. Also Isabelle was obsessed with Archer. “Aw-cha! Hi Aw cha!” She fed him and gave him toys and wanted to sit by him all the time. When he was cryin in the back room, she heard him and said “OP- he needs me!” She’s cute. We are pretty sad they don’t live here. I miss my sisters. Jazz was so good to take the kids home and put them to bed several nights so I could stay over and sit on the couch with Morgan and eat ice cream and watch Jurassic Park. 
Isabelle started violin lessons this summer. And it’s the greatest. She has a 1/8th size violin- so far we are practicing Mississippi Hot Dog, working on her bow hold and learning note flash cards. I have to say it’s REALLY fun as a musician to watch and participate in developing musical talents in my own kid. She seems really quick to learn and excited about the process which is good enough for now! I mean, she’s five. 

and she immediately wanted to show grandma. (and apparently Jesus looking on from the back.)

whoops! Neglected the garden!
just so cute and little and parted hair and no arms. 
painting rocks in our skivies. 
Alright, so my mom is not a dog person. As soon as our childhood dogs got old and kicked the bucket she was like SAWEET, freedom!  She has this neighbor dog named River- he lives down the street and around the corner. Sometimes on Sunday evenings mom takes the kids for a walk down to River’s house to pet him and get some wiggles out. Well, occasionally River escapes his fence and finds my mom’s house and she totally entertains him. She gives him water and he takes a little dip in the pool and last week LET HIM IN HER HOUSE. Like it was nothing? And then she was busy in the kitchen and had to run to the back for a second and asked me to finish making River’s dinner of SCRAMBLED EGGS. Then I had to blow on them to cool them down. WHAT IS HAPPENING.
And that is our summer so far.

1 thought on “Summer

  1. I'm loving the sock bun!! Your kids are so stinkin' cute! I am so happy to see that you are passing on your gift of music to your daughter, I always admired your beautiful harp talent!


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