father’s day

Today is Father’s Day and for once I am posting on time. I went back through our pictures tonight and found all of my children’s birthdays. We look different. I know we are different. Last week we celebrated seven years of marriage, and I’m sure I could not have predicted then what the next seven years would hold for us. These pictures make me happy- mostly because they are happy memories- and also because what they represent. Our best days are with one another. A team, a partnership. Being together, in good times and bad, it sickness and in health. Vows should also include maybe something like “through incredibly soul-sucking earthly trials.” It doesn’t matter, because he is mine and I am his. And our children are ours, forever and ever amen. We can do hard things, together.
Jazz, thank you fulfilling my life long dream of becoming a mother. Thank you for jumping on the trampoline when it’s hot outside. Thanks for letting me sleep in almost every Saturday. Thank you for holding their hands across the road, and for checking on them an extra time before you go to sleep. For having a lengthy bedtime routine with each kid, including stories and paper rock scissors and nose kisses. These children are so lucky to have you, as am I. Happy Father’s Day to you. xoxo
Jazz and Isabelle. Isabelle was so small and we had no idea what we were doing.

Jazz and Lincoln. Linc was a great baby and to this day is incredibly soft.

Jazz and Maxwell. My heart hurts looking at this but I’m so thankful for our pictures.

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