maui, the final frontier

Last post about hawaii, I promise.

The girls and their families left on Friday and we were pretty bummed to say goodbye to the cousins. It’s always hard for me to leave my sisters! Tears. Anyway we still had three days before our flight back to California and our week at the condo was up- we moved hotels to one we have never been to before. The pool and outside area was sort of ridiculous- a pirate ship for the kids to play on, a long twisty waterslide, like six or seven pools. We didn’t even swim in all of them! It was really fun to explore a new place and the kids were in heaven.

On Saturday, we were down at the pool for like eleven hours or something crazy. Me and dad ran up around lunch time and made sandwiches for a pool side picnic. I’m telling ya- traveling with my parents is pretty much the greatest adventure ever. The kids had plenty of energy and went ALL DAY without a rest or a nap or anything. It was really nice to be flexible and to just enjoy ourselves without a schedule.

ready to swim.

pirate boat slide

“taking a break” 

At dinnertime, we actually just stayed right on sight and ordered food from their beach restaurant. Coconut shrimp has never been so delicious. We sat on the beach to play in the sand and watch the sunset. It was so easy… so mellow. One of those days you just want to repeat over and over again, nearly perfect.

then there was a fire dancer! random

These guys are just the best parents. I won the lottery. And aren’t they so cute?

view from our room (!!!)
beardy jazz in hawaii

Okay so there was this massive slide in one of the pools, and I had no idea Isabelle would be interested in it! She was tall enough and she did it about a billion times. She loved it. She even got grandma to go down a couple times! Poor Linc kept walking over to the height requirement board and measuring himself to see if he got taller overnight. Next time, buddy.

linc found a small slide and was perfectly content
isn’t this so beautiful!
at one point, Linc was so tired he was just floating there.
quick lollipop break
Jazz discovered his favorite ice treat was a short walk away, he was thrilled.

lincoln’s favorite game
our last sunset on the beach

Sunday we hit the pool bright and early at 8 am- we had about three hours until we had to pack up and head to the airport. Even at 8 am, it was warm and beautiful. We had the BEST weather we have ever had on any vacation- we had a few passing rain clouds but sun every single day and warm without being HOT. It was so glorious.

Linc’s face is how we all felt on our last morning. 
She is looking a little more like me. Makes me happy.
So sad to leave! 

 The flight home was uneventful, the kids traveled great, and we pulled into a driveway about 2 AM. Poor Jazz had to be at work at 8, me and the kids slept until like 9 or 10! Perks of being on Hawaiian time I guess. We are so thankful for this trip- we love to be with our family. We love to experience the beautiful earth and to explore new places. So thankful to my mom and dad for making a fantastic trip like this possible. Also, our kids are wonderful. I really love them- they really do make our lives so much fun.

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  1. Sooooooo happy! 🙂


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