maui part duex

There is probably a part three too, so sorry about that. Just too many pictures. All the fun.

We love that the place we stay is right on the beach. Last time we came, Linc hated the sand. Like, level 10 freak out mode hated the sand. This year was much better. They made sand castles and moats and dug holes and got sand in their eyes and hair. Kept them busy and wore them out.

I love this picture of Isabelle. She looks so grown up I can hardly stand it. Isabelle you are BEAUTIFUL.

Aunt Mo being a water horsey. (a very serious water horsey.)

It was awfully quiet for a minute and Quinn had wandered from the living room… into the toilet. We all went in to laugh our faces off and she was NOT amused…it was clear she was comfortable where she was.

The little beach often has turtles swim up from the ocean and take a rest. We spotted a few while we were there and the kids were really curious- Isabelle said, “Well it doesn’t look like I thought it would.” 

messy hands, turtle backdrop

 At night, my mom took the kids for an “adventure walk” just before bed. They took flashlights and explored the fish pond, spotted big frogs and listened to the ocean. My mom is just the best grandma- the kids love her so much, she has the best ideas and is so entertaining.

Linc and Margs = BFFS. Here they are clinking lollipops like tea cups. 

We actually put on clothes and went out to Hula Grill one night. We always pack tons of clothes and end up wearing swim suits, pajamas, and like two shirts. Over packing at it’s finest. The restaurant is right on the beach and you basically sit and watch the sunset and listen to live music. NOT BAD. Also the macadamia nut crab wontons are out of this world, seriously so good it makes my mouth sad I am not there right now.

mostly excited for her fancy drink with the umbrella

Here’s the whole crew!

Jared, Quinn, Sabs and baby, Jazz, Isabelle, Dad, Mom, Archer, Aunt Mo, Margo, Me and Linc 
sabs was 34 weeks in this pictures. she’s awesome. love my sisters.
we didn’t bring a stroller so Linc hitched a ride
Freckles for dayssssss. I’m not the only one that takes pictures of their sleeping kids, right?

this is blurry but I had to post because of MARGO and her SUIT and her HAIR and her POSE. I mean.

Margo was not such a fan of the beach.

Stoppppp being so grown up.

Of course Max was on my mind a lot this trip. I always feel like a little part of me is missing- it would have been such a different vacation with a one year old! We didn’t bring a stroller or diapers or extra packs of wipes, we have transitioned out of the baby phase at our house and it’s heartbreaking to me but also okay. I am enjoying the time with my older kids- we are more flexible with naps and bedtimes, their are some definitely bonuses to having bigger children. Lot’s of people have asked me if it’s hard to be around pregnant friends and sisters- and sometimes yes, it’s a reminder of my losses but it doesn’t take away from the joy I feel for them and their families. Being around babies is getting easier too- maybe because I only knew Max as a newborn, he is perpetually a little nine pound chub in my memory.
One day at the pool, an older woman was there with her toddler grand daughter. We got talking and I was pointing out which kids were mine. She said “Only two? Time for more!” Wellllllllll. I told her we had a third and explained the situation. She felt awful for her comment but then told me about her grown up daughter who died in a car accident three years ago. And with just a short conversation and a tiny glimpse into our souls, she and I had something in common that most people don’t. Hard things happen to lots of people, at lots of different times in their lives.
ANYWAY. I swear the trip was light and fun. I think I only cried a TINY BIT when my sisters left because I hate when we have to split up again. Move here already, sheesh.

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  1. Ah, I love your family! Looks like so much fun! Also, can you be my hair mentor???


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