Maui, 2015 edition

Well it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. I think that is a record for me actually, this radio silence has been pretty long. It was a busy week leading up to vacation, then vacation, then the post-vacation fall out and a summertime cold to boot. I keep thinking TODAY is the DAY. And then the day goes by and then another and another. But today is really the day! Ha! We have a lot to catch up on.

We spent ten beautiful days on the island of Maui with some of our family members. We were so excited for this vacation- it was so fun to have something big on the calendar to look forward to. People always ask us what we do while we are there- mostly we just chill. We eat breakfast, go to the pool, eat lunch, go to the beach, bathe and put the kids down, then we play cards or read books or sit around and talk. It’s my favorite kind of vacation- no rules or agenda, a few fun things planned and then fill in the rest poolside.

The kids are really great ages to travel- last time we did this trip Lincon was only 18 months and the travel to Oakland overnight then the 6 hour flight… we had a few “hiccups.” This trip was so much smoother, it helped that Lincoln had his own seat on the plane. Hallelujah.

oversized baggage
roll of tape + a few cars = kept Linc busy a long time.
We made it!

Margo, almost three

Margo, Quinn and Izzie
Grandma brought matching jammies for everyone

I think think the best part for the kids was playing with their cousins. Isabelle was so helpful with Archer and kept rubbing his fuzzy head. Lincoln fed him puffs mostly. Lincoln and Margo are really close in age and like best friends basically. It’s fun to watch because they are the same size, they both like to run around and be crazy. Quinn is nearly two and the one to watch- she’s hilarious and always up to something.

Sunday in Maui we always attend the Lahaina 1st Ward at the LDS church. We don’t miss it! It’s so fun to talk to some local people. Actually, Morgan ran into one of her friends from her home ward in Arizona. Small world. 

One day we painted coconuts at the clubhouse. Isabelle was detailed and thorough and Linc went for full on BLUE. Then he was done.
my other half

Archer is the most mellow baby, he just goes with the flow and hardly makes a fuss. The kid’s pool has a great little play area and a few bubblers to splash in. Apparently it wore him out because about 20 minutes later he was asleep sitting up in the pool.

Well that covers the first few days. 

1 thought on “Maui, 2015 edition

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely family and soooooooooooooooo glad you are back.Kim Finch, Chattahoochee, FL


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