“Spring Break”

In quotes because LOLOLOL “break.” This is our first year of school so it’s sort of new to us- in previous years I have disliked spring break because all the big kids flood our fav places and make them all busy. Big kids don’t see little kids. Also, I’m selfish.

The first three days were rainy and freezing cold. Not so springy. I’m all about toy rotation- we got out “new” buckets of toys… it was fun for about two hours. No wait, I take that back. I LOVE spring break from about 6 am – 8 am. Then it’s sort of stupid. Let me sum up those days in four sentences.

“Mom Winc-in hit me!”
“Mom Winc took my thing!”
“Mom Winc-in is sitting on me!”
“Mom Winc threw that at me”
Then came:
“I want to do something fun.”
“I wanna watch a show.”
“When is Dad getting home” (I’m obviously the least favorite parent.)
“I’m bored.”

I consider myself a fairly “fun” mom, we always have crafts around, we got outside a lot, and all you have to do is mention chocolate chips and I’ve got the mixer out. What HAPPENS to kids on spring break? It’s like they forget how to play and be normal! No one had napped in days. Like not even “rest time” and I was about to lose my mind, plus Jazz went out of town.. Finally I declared a “nature drive” with their blankets and I kid you not, in fifteen minutes I had two sleeping children. Miracle.

7 am, loving spring break.
we fed ducks.
Izzie rode her bike almost three miles while I pushed Linc in the stroller

By Wednesday I was like THERE WILL BE FUN TODAY. We went all over town looking for some yard items. We even ATE MCDONALDS and then WENT TO A MOVIE in the middle of the day! “There are no rules in the house, I’m not like a *regular* mom, I’m a *cool* mom. (mean girls obviously)

Thursday the girls had ballet and a SLEEPOVER at grandma’s. Did you know we meet together with our local family members for dinner almost every Thursday? Tonight is Burrito Night!
with our important accessories such as sequin crowns, chinese fans, and a calculator.

I love this picture.

 Also, Jazz helped us build a little rube inspired by our trip to the phoenix children’s museum. It turned out great and the kids love it. I used a hacksaw and made lemonade mostly.

Yes we still have a changing pad. The most difficult part of my day is getting this kid dressed.

Friday, in their lipstick and boots, the girls had a horseback riding lesson. Pretty much the greatest day of their entire lives. It deserves it’s own post though.


1. Schedule play dates
2. Schedule other play dates
3. Go out of town.

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