We kicked off Easter week with a little Easter party for Isabelle’s kindergarten class. Linc was allowed to tag along for a few hours and he was seriously so excited to be with the big kids. He sat on the rug, stood in line- I swear it was the best behaved he has ever been. The kids went to recess while we set up the room and there was NO WAY he was staying behind. They made the cutest little Easter baskets with real grass growing in them. Kindergarten, you are adorable.

On Saturday we went to my parents’ house for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The kids always run crazy while the grown ups frantically search for the Golden Egg. This egg always has $$$ in it and I’m proud to say this year it was MINE. Two years running for the Sorensen family…

Isabelle lost two more teeth that week. One she swallowed again, one she did not. 
going over their goodies

trading pink for blue and other important things

Easter morning was General Conference for our church, a worldwide meeting that happens twice a year where we can listen to and watch inspiring talks by our leaders. It also means no church- so we had a nice slow morning gorging on easter chocolate and laying around in our pajamas. 

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