weekend with our cousins…

Linc, Ellie, Adi, Iz and Dayton

 The kids have been SO looking forward to their Utah cousins coming out for a quick visit on their way down to southern California. Everyday Linc would bust out of his room and say IS ELLIE HERE YET? It’s so fun to have older cousins, my kids just think they are the best. We had only a few days together but we packed it in. A walk at the preserve, a visit to Maxwell’s park, the ladybug park, Grandma Cindy’s backyard, an Easter egg hunt and of course we can never skip the Burrito. Izzie and Linc are basically obsessed with their cousins and didn’t leave them alone for a second.

Getting her makeup done.

I love that they wanted to visit Max. They came out for Max’s service a year ago and wanted to see his stone all finished. The kids made Easter egg notes and we laminated them for his little area. (plot? that’s too sad.)

Barbies. (also our new couches came! horray we are grown ups!)

the boys
the little ladies

We had so much fun in just a few days, the kids played and played and played (which is so great.) Ellie I know you will read this so THANK YOU for a great weekend, my kids ask to facetime you basically everyday.

1 thought on “weekend with our cousins…

  1. I love all the photos!!!! The kids are all getting so big. I'm so glad they got to visit. And I noticed Britta managed to stay out of all the photos! what a butt. 😉


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