Because He Lives

Easter is different for me this year. I’ve always appreciated the miracle of the Atonement, but after being separated from Maxwell I have so much more love for my Savior Jesus Christ. Because of Him, I will be able to see Max again. To hold him and kiss his face and tell him how much I love him.

I’m weepy this week. Probably this whole month. I feel Max with me often, I’m thankful I know where he is, and I’m so thankful I know that I will see him again. We are watching General Conference today from our home. A perfect way to celebrate Easter, listening to the leaders of our church give messages of love, peace and hope. I always feel renewed afterwards. How fitting that Max’s birthday will always fall shortly after general conference.

I remember sitting in the hospital on April 24th. Maxwell in my arms, we were still in the post-op area before moving to a private room. My husband by my side and my parents around me, just in the deepest place of sorrow imaginable. Impossible grief. Sadness I had never known. And I remember thinking about my Savior in Gethsemane where he took on the sins of the world, all of our pains and grief- everything. I remember talking to my mom about how I just couldn’t imagine how excruciating that would have felt. I’m one small person, and my experience at the time felt overwhelming, but Christ knows. He has endured all, he knows exactly how I feel. What a miracle, what a blessing.

So thankful this Easter to know that Because He Lives, we will be reunited as a family again.

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