Linc at age 3+

This kid.

Killing me lately. I LOVE this age so much. Yes there are tantrums and time outs but he is so funny and his facial expressions? Sheesh. With Isabelle gone in school full time, it’s just me and him holding down the fort.

I never posted after his well check since it was late and basically I’m a bad mom since I didn’t sharpie it in his baby book. Spoiler alert, we don’t have a baby book. Linc is getting so tall and skinny! All his baby fat is disappearing. Only his little hands are chubby and I love watching them open and close things- caps and lids and bottles, he is so detailed. Anyway, he is 38 1/2 inches tall, 35 pounds, both 90 percentile on the charts. He is wearing a size 4t pants and 5t shirt. FIVE!

He could care less about breakfast. Hardly sits to eat a meal. Lunch is his power hour, he can eat and eat and eat and then NAP. We had a pause in naps since we lost the pacis, but he has slowly started napping again. Not everyday (not today.) but maybe 3-4 times a week. I’ll take what I can get.

Lincoln is opinionated. His favorite color is blue. He can nearly get completely dressed by himself even if it is a little bit backwards. (Mostly though he plays dead and goes limp so I have to work to get him dressed. so fun.) My favorite outfit is his red skinny pants and a grey shirt and little red shoes. I would pick that every day, it just fits him.  His favorite story is Green Eggs and Ham or else the Three Little Pigs. He loves cashews, fruit snacks, strawberries, pancakes, mac and cheese (only annies, not kraft.) and any sort of treat. He loves pirates and trains, loves to be outside and play in the water. He loves his softie owl and takes him everywhere and sleeps on him at night. He thinks potty humor is hilarious. He also thinks anyone at the park is his new friend. He is getting more and more freckles and I want to EAT THEM UP on they are so cute. I said, “Linc, can I kiss your ears off they are so soft!” He replied, “No mama I need them to hear!” When he is being extra dramatic and crying he exclaims. “I can’t EVEN!” Also, all he wants in life is a dog. A BIG DOG TO RIDE.

Linc loves Isabelle but loves to take her stuff more. Anything she has, he wants. Anything she is doing, he wants in on. It’s endearing but frustrating for her. “WINC-INNNN!!” she yells.

Stuff I wanna remember:

Pronounces strawberry “strawbee-beh-wey”
Says, “What the HECT!”
One day I asked him to pick up his pajamas and he said, “I can’t, my wegs are bwoken.”
When he hides he says, “Where IS me??? Where is MEEE?”
Says “sure” all the time. 
When there is a bad smell he says, “Ew dis smells HOWWIBLE.”
Does the best robot voice. “Ro-bot Lin-coln, coming to eat you all gone”
He says he wants to be Batman when he grows up.
After his nap the other day he said, “I sleeped bery well, I was tie-wed.”
“close you eyes! I has a supwise for youuuu”
Says “I can’t know!” instead of I don’t know.
Nothing becomes “Nut-wing!” Sneaky is “Sneak-wee” 
Every time we see a motorcycle he says, ” Mom, motorcycles are NOT safe.”
patiently waiting for cookies to cool
sometimes your kid won’t sit in timeout so Grandma helps out

Linc’s first experience with the ice cream truck (van?)

sneaking chocolate chips
first strawberry of the year! 

stayin comfy
oh I love this face.

Helping select vegetables for our garden
Once in awhile he falls asleep in the car on the way home, and I get to carry him into his bed.I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I go realllllly slowly. Those quiet moments that used to be daily are getting few and far between and I soak them UP. He seems so huge when I carry him, like his legs dangle down so far. 3 1/4 is pretty great.

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