accidental disney trip.

Quinn, Sabrina with baby boy on board, Izzie, Linc, Me, Margo, Archer’s teeny head, Mo, Mom. 

It started with a text on Friday.

Morgan: Um…. why are we not at Disneyland?
Me: I don’t know! Let’s figure this out!
Morgan: OKAY
Morgan: SUPER.
48 hours later, we were pushing our strollers into the park. Basically we threw all of our clothes/snacks/shoes into the van and drove south. It’s interesting really, because the directions to Disneyland are as follows: 1) Get on I5 South. 2) Drive 3) Exit Katella to Disney. That’s it. You can see how this is tempting for us, even if the “drive” portion is ten hours. Nbd. 
I know I’m being redundant because every time I write about The Park I’m all “ohh its magical it’s our favorite place ever” BUT IT IS. This time was really fun, just my mom and my sisters and our kids. We shared a room with Sabrina and Quinn (“Kin”) and my kids had so much fun with their cousins. Ohhhh the kids are so cute together! Isabelle kept rubbing Archer’s little head and holding hands with the girls. Linc shared his snacks which is basically his greatest form of love. We had four full days in the park, we were there nearly open to close every day. Even though we have been a bunch, there are always new things! Like the Frozen section, real snow and an Olaf meet and greet. New Frozen show in the amphitheater too. 
Also different this time was NO NAPS. Last October, Linc napped every day in the stroller for at least two hours. Izzie had a few naps too. This time we just kept. going. the. entire. day. About 7:45 Lincoln would drop off mid sentence, just too exhausted to continue. Isabelle was the energizer bunny, often staying up until we got back to the hotel at 10:30. By then she was silly putty mode and couldn’t stop giggling. After the kids fell asleep at the park, we took turns doing grown up rides and doing rides with Isabelle (and Margo too!) The weather was glorious, the crowds not too heavy- we didn’t wait more than 30 minutes for anything. (Mostly just Nemo.) Everything was about 15 minutes, totally do-able. 
According to Morgan’s fitbit, we walked about fifty miles. Five zero. Yet we compensated calorically with macaroons, churros, and ice cream. 
You’re probably like hey I’m wondering if she took any pictures. YES I DID ACTUALLY WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE? I didn’t bother with my big camera- trying to keep track of two kids and a stroller and my sanity, I just didn’t want to worry about leaving my Nikon in my bag. Iphone for the win!
like a walking ad for city select strollers

Lincoln and his bff.

Can I hold Archer?

I wonder if he is having any fun at all.

PERFECT weather.

I was laughing so hard I could barely take this picture.
Day two, at Dumbo
this is pretty much a perfect representation of my Linc.

fresh morning, fresh map (Izzie calls them ‘naps’)
We did the petting zoo and met the horse that pulls Cinderella’s carriage. 18 hands!
Mo let me get my baby fix. SO snuggly.

storybook land, one of my favorites ( now with arendelle!)
Mom’s fav- thunder mountain. she laughs the entire time
This is the frozen room with REAL snow. The lighting is seriously purple and horrible but is MAGIC when you walk in. 
Sabs and Quinn.
of course my mom starts throwing snowballs and the worker is like ma’am please don’t throw snow. 

tall enough for bumper cars! oh, his soft little face… also I forgot his hair gel. the ONE thing.
Elsa and Anna are at Cal Adventure now, in the “movie room”
this kid loves a splash pad. Make sure you bring shoes and a shirt, they are required.

I ate two. And by two I mean four. And my four I mean six.

she was so giggly and delusionally tired
All of us fit on Nemo
We rode all the rides. ALL THE RIDES. Isabelle rodes Pirates, which previously was too scary for her but became her favorite. That, and the little roller coaster in toon town. Lincoln ran from one thing to another thing, so busy he couldn’t choose a favorite. He had a few choice meltdowns and timeouts, but I mean he’s three and sort of expected.
We were scheduled to leave Thursday… but Wednesday came and we couldn’t bear to leave so we stayed an extra lucky hot dog day. 
The last night we stayed late until closing, then wandered down Main Street and my mom bought Isabelle the largest sprinkled ice cream cone I have ever seen. We sat on the curb with our tired feet and sleeping babies. I’m so thankful for my family. They are my best friends, the only ones I would call for a last minute trip to Disney. My mom was so helpful! So nice to have extra hands around. We all sort of helped each other, feeding other kids, taking kids potty (I swear we spent a large chunk of time in the restroom.) In the morning we tag teamed showers and baths and got everyone ready like sister wives. Morgan made sandwiches, we packed drinks in the cooler for the day. We passed around snacks and sunscreen like a little community. These are my people, this is my place.

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