quick trip to utah…

The day after Christmas, we abandoned our new toys and threw everything in the car for a quick trip to Utah. A surprise birthday party was planned for my Uncle Chip, and we wanted to be there… plus we could sneak in some time with Jazz’s side of the family as well. I took my big camera on the trip which was hilarious because I took about five pictures, none of them blog quality. Thank goodness for iphones.

We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for a few days in their basement, full of trains and dress ups and a slot machine. Like an actual functioning slot machine. You can guess where my kids spent most of their time. Tami is an amazing cook, she always whips stuff up and we tease her because she says, “oh it’s SO easy.” No. It isn’t. Just for her. Not everyone has homemade vanilla and buttermilk cinnamon syrup on hand.

I guess AG Isabelle (American girl isabelle. whats what we are calling her) didn’t get the nap memo. 
fancy hot chocolate

We “played” in the snow for a few minutes. Took much longer to get their clothes on than they actually spent out there, but it was still fun. By the time we left on Monday morning, the yard was white and it was still coming down. I will say- I do miss the snow once a year. Like, if we could get snow here once, maybe twice I would be fine with that. I’m sure Jazz doesn’t miss shoveling it though, and I don’t miss being infinity cold.

We headed up to Jazz’s mothers home in Willard, north of Ogden. It was cold, like one degree. I am serious. I have never in my life been outside and been so cold. This picture of us at the newly redone Ogden temple doesn’t look cold, but I didn’t pack tights… didn’t pack a dress coat, and it was seven degrees. I was so frozen by the time we got into the lobby I needed a few minutes to thaw out. Jazz made fun of me for stopping to take a picture but it was so beautiful outside despite our suffering.

Our Sorensen cousins came up with us and the kids were SO HAPPY to have little playmates. Ellie is 11 and I swear I would have her babysit for us on a regular basis, she kept those kids so entertained and happy. Isabelle was in heaven with a “big girl” cousin. Like I said, it was FREEZING so our adventures were contained to inside. We usually go up to Snowbasin and take the lift up for lunch which is always so fun, but it was negative degrees up there at the lodge, so no. And sad sad sad, Lincoln got a terrible cold. You can tell in these pictures he just doesn’t feel well. He mostly sat on my lap and slept and carried his pacis around. (Yes he still has a paci…topic for another day.)
getting matching ink
Linc in his favorite undies with his new favorite dog. “I want to ride him!” No Lincoln, no.
We drove past the Brigham City temple, it was closed for New Year’s but I forced the girls get out for this picture. 

the girls put on a play. it was adorable. they rehearsed and everything.
cousin sleepover. listening to them chit chat and giggle was insanely adorable
aaaand this is where Lincoln slept.
Poor Linc.
this is how the ride home went. he was so sick.
It was a short trip, we definitely didn’t get to do or see all of the things we wanted to! Syd and Garrett… we will have to catch you next time. And I’m not kidding I didn’t shop AT ALL. No rack, no taipan, nothing. No swig! No cupcakes! Also did Bajio go out of business? All I wanted in the whole world was shrimp tacos and we went to three different locations, ALL CLOSED. Is the one at Riverwoods open? We settled for cafe rio but they were out of pork (may as well close the restaurant then). I was not impressed. 
The kids did really well on the way home but I think we were all happy to get in our own beds. 

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