Lincoln’s Third Birthday

The only kind of party we could do for Lincoln  this year was a FIRE AND RESCUE party. I gotta be honest, I really wasn’t feeling like throwing a party after the past couple of weeks, but I had already mailed out the invitations and Lincoln was so excited. (And we will do pretty much anything for our kids, right moms?) It turned out really beneficial to have a project to fill my spare time. Hashtag, distractions.

I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he told me he didn’t want cake…Only donuts, crunchy bacon and blue lollipops. This is the kind of thing I can handle! So we turned it into a brunch- firetrucks, airplanes, and breakfast food.

Here are the blue lollipops. Airplane style.


Guys this is the best one we got. 50%.

Our little firefighter buddies!

We did this sweet white trash pinata set up because it was COLD outside. 

Bennett is showing me his sticky fingers. If Bennett isn’t around, find him in the kitchen. With the food.

This one is from his actual birthday morning, he was so excited. 
A couple of low-key games, some food, and candles on his chocolate donut and we were done. Actually my favorite part of the party is always after the “business” part of the party is over and everyone just sits around and talks while the kids dump out all the toy buckets and run amok. 
You know I love birthdays. I was so glad we went through with the party- Lincoln had a insanely fun day and he kept saying “all my fwends ah he-ah!” I’m so glad we have so many close friends and family to celebrate my babies. It takes a village, and I’m part of a good one.

1 thought on “Lincoln’s Third Birthday

  1. Your party planning skills are like seriously unmatched. So adorable.


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